10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Large Dogs

Are you looking for a unique costume for large-breed dog? Unfortunately, many pre-made costumes that can be bought in stores do not fit large breeds. Listed here are 10 options that require little work, but are a lot of fun.

Race Horse

dog horse riding costumeThis costume is especially adorable on Greyhounds or other dogs that do zoomies around the house and yard. Simply prop a doll onto your dog’s back (or buy a kit here) and fashion reins for the doll to hold onto, and your dog is magically transformed into a race horse!




boxer halloween costumeSometimes it can be difficult to find clothing that fits larger dogs. Many times, a child’s sports jersey works perfectly, doubling as an inexpensive dog costume! Other cute canine athlete outfits can be found here.




lion costumeA great option for a tan or beige colored dog, such as a mastiff, is a lion. All that is required for this costume is a fluffy mane, which can be purchased here.





cow costumeIf you own a Dalmatian or other spotted breed, a cow costume is a no-brainer. Simply affix cow ears to your pet’s head, tie a bell around its neck, and if your dog will allow It, blow up a pink balloon to place under your dog’s belly to serve as udders.




spider costumeAnother great idea for a spotted dog is to draw eight legs onto each of your dog’s spots to make it look as though spiders are crawling all over your pet. This is perfect for large dogs that don’t want to wear costumes (or can’t find costumes that fit!) This and other ideas can be found here.



Incredible Hulk

incredible hulk costumeThis option is great for any well-muscled dog. Using green temporary hair paint, spray your dog green and place a pair of ripped shorts on your dog’s legs to make him or her look like the Hulk just got angry.




martini dog costumeIf your dog is getting over a surgery or other medical issue, take advantage of his or her cone of shame by adding a stick of fake olives (using a wooden rod, green foam balls, and red felt) to turn your pet into a fancy cocktail instead!




unicorn dog costumeAnother easy costume that doesn’t require placing your large dog in a lot of clothing is a unicorn. Simply affix a horn onto your pet’s head and add a few glittery accessories to turn your pet into a majestic, mythical creature.




skeleton dog costumeA large dog with black fur is perfect for this costume, which simply involves painting the bone structure of a dog onto your pet. This costume is great for large dogs, as there is plenty of room to paint detailed bones!




fairy dog costumeAnother inexpensive costume that requires little work is to simply pick up a pair of fairy (or bat, angel, bumblebee, etc.) wings and attach them to your dog’s harness. From here you can add as many additional accessories as you want to achieve the perfect look.