5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer!

How to Keep Your Dog Cool and Enjoy the Warm Weather!

With warmer weather on the horizon, keeping our pups cool becomes a number one priority. Due to their inability to sweat (except in their paws), dogs have a more difficult time staying comfortable during the summer months. They can overheat easily, leading to severe medical problems, including death. Listed below are a number of ways you can help your dog keep cool this summer.

Cooling Coats

Keeping a dog’s core body temperature is important when the weather is warm, especially for larger breeds. A cooling coat, such as MustLuvDogs Cooling Coats, works by wrapping a dog’s torso in a water-activated material that stays significantly colder than the outside air. In addition, cooling coats reflect sunlight, inhibiting the dog from absorbing warming rays. Therefore, pups do not have to work as hard to regulate body temperature, keeping them safe and comfortable.



Cooling Mats

Is your dog not a fan of wearing clothes, but is perfectly content to find a cool area in the house or yard to lounge? A cooling mat, such as one from The Green Pet Shop, can keep your dog comfortable in warmer weather. Cooling mats are made from an innovative material that cools on contact, with no water or electricity required. Simply lying on the mat can help keep a dog’s core body temperature at safe levels, ensuring no overheating occurs.




Do you have a hard time getting your dog to drink water when you know that he or she is hot? A simple solution is to make cooling “pupsicles” that not only provide cooling relief, but hydration and electrolytes, as well. One popular recipe calls for pouring blended watermelon juice into popsicle molds and freezing for 5 hours. These treats are fun and functional, and more recipes can be found here.


Portable Water Bowls

One way that dogs cool themselves naturally is by drinking plenty of cold, fresh water. If you plan to be away from home with your dog for an extended period of time when the weather is warm, a portable water bowl is crucial to bring along. Look for a product that is simple to carry, such as the Gulpy, which is a two-in-one water bottle and bowl. Is your dog finicky about drinking water when not at home? Consider adding chicken stock or another flavor to the Gulpy in order to promote hydration.


Cooling Bandanas

If your dog isn’t keen on the idea of wearing a cooling jacket, but requires an additional layer in order to stay cool and comfortable, consider purchasing a cooling bandana. Most dogs are already used to wearing a collar, which makes these potentially life-saving devices a no-brainer in the summer months. A cooling bandana, such as the one available at Motley Mutt, contains an inner core of polymer crystals that retain water when wet. When placed next to your dog’s skin, the wet crystals provide cooling relief to your pet that can last for days before needing to be “recharged.”


Have we missed anything on our list that helps you keep your dog cool in summer – let us know!

Here are symptoms that your dog is overheating, contact your vet as soon as possible if your dog is showing extreme symptoms.