Dog Coat Types & How to Groom Them | Infographic

Grooming is an essential task that all dog owners must arrange regularly for their pets. Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping the dog looking its best, regular grooming also ensures that potentially harmful forms such as ticks and fleas do not build up and affect the dog’s skin.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ formula for dog grooming, though. Just as various breeds of dog could look very different, the way in which they are groomed will also differ. Think of it this way: if you were a barber, would you apply the same criteria to treating a tight hairstyle as you would an afro or long, flowing locks?

Generally, dogs with long, wired or rough coats will require more extensive grooming than breeds with short, smooth or single coats. This is partly because of the thickness or amount of hair on the dog, as well as the likelihood of unhealthy substances hiding in thicker or longer coats.

Your dog will almost always be given a bath when it is being groomed, although the means of drying will vary depending on the breed. For example, smooth-coated dogs like dachshunds can be left to dry naturally after a quick wipe with a towel, whereas it’s best to use a hairdryer on long-haired breeds such as Yorkshire terriers.

You can pick up plenty more great tips on dog grooming in the infographic below, which was createdby the team at Clippers Ireland. 

Dog Coats and How to Groom Them