A Review of Bentley The Dobie Dehydrated Dog Treats

Holly our own Toronto Dog Walking in house taste tester was put to work recently to give an unbiased review of dehydrated treats made by a local Toronto Dog Bentley or known on Instagram as @Bentelythedobie

What are Dehydrated Dog Treats?

Dehydrated dog treats are pieces of raw meat, fruit and vegetables that are cut up into individual sized treat portion and placed into a dehydrator and left for a certain amount of time until all the water has been removed from the pieces. Generally speaking they are a single ingredient treat made from 100% ingredient and nothing else.

dehydrated beef


Why Feed Dehydrated Treats

A variety of home made dehydrated dog treats are designed for dogs who have a diet sensitivities, owners who want to feed their dogs only the best treats possible, dogs who are fed a clean non kibble based diet, those who are on a raw/homemade food diet or simply put doggo pawrents who love to spoil their pooches every now and then or on the daily with a high value amazing diet!


Benefits of Dehydrated Treats

Single Source Protein

So many dogs struggle with food allergies especially those with a long ingredient list. It can be extremely overwhelming and  hard to figure out what is causing your pups allergic reaction so many owner opt for single ingredient treats. These treats are all single ingredient so you never have to worry about what is in your dogs treats.

No Additives

There are no artificial additives or ingredients that are used to bulk out the dog treat like corn, corn meal and other by products that are placed into dog treats.


Dehydrated dog treats are nutritious and healthy. Your dog will absorb all the nutrients from the treats, similar to those who feed a raw diet and your pup will have minimal waste (a nice way to say poop!).

Locally Source

All of the treats made by Bentley are locally sourced and made from ingredients found here in Ontario. You are helping support a home business and farmers close to home.


You will find the treats are cheaper than what you will find in retail stores due to the fact the they are produced in a home base business driving down the costs of producing such high quality dog treats.

Bentleys Dehydrated Dog Treats

Holly’s Thoughts

You may not need to be clarify what Holly’s thoughts are on the treats received from Bentley as the video does most of the barking! I have NEVER seen Holly go so crazy for treats and Holly is fed dehydrated treats daily.

As you can see Holly goes through her highlight real of tricks in order to figure out what she needs to do to get her paws on a treat. This type of treatment is normally reserved for her tennis balls.

By way of a background if you haven’t read any of Holly’s reviews before, this girl is as FUSSY as it comes when it comes to dog treats. Only the best will do.

It’s too hard for us to decide which treat was the favourite so we are going to have to name two winners here which is the Beef Liver & Pork Strips.


  • Holly thought they were beyond delicious
  • She loved the pork and beef treats, these are the ones she is going crazy for in the video and gave her stamp of approval
  • They are not over-dehydrated in order to keep as many nutrients as possible
  • The treats are the perfect size for all dogs
  • They are nutritious, delicious and homemade
  • No Additives or preservatives
  • Cheaper than pet store
  • Supporting a local business
  • Locally Sourced Ingredients
  • Human grade ingredients


  • Holly didn’t like the Sweet Potato
  • They need to be stored in a fridge
  • There wasn’t enough, Holly inspected to make sure she got everything

Alternatives Available

  • Making Dehydrated treats yourself
  • Purchasing from other brands at the pet store
  • Purchasing less expensive treats with multiple ingredients

What you need to know

All products are single ingredient treats that are great for training, as a meal topper for added nutrition or a yummy snack. All treats will need to be kept refrigerated. They are short shelf life and not 1-2 years that you can expect by big brand treats.

Type of Treats Available

  • Beef Bites
  • Beef Liver
  • Beef Strips
  • Calf Liver
  • Chicken Breast Bites
  • Chicken Breast Strips
  • Pig Ear Piece
  • Pork Bites
  • Pork Liver
  • Pork Strips
  • Sweet Potato Bites
  • Sweet Potato Strips

There is a very simple pricing structure for purchasing dehydrated dog treats from Bentley. The cost is based on the amount of grams purchased so you can choose your dogs favourite treats. Bulk orders come with oxygen extenders to make sure your treats arrive as fresh as possible.

I have seen other Toronto dogs like @TorontoTerrier and @ISpeakDog all give rave reviews for the treats they received from Bentley. I think the gang at I Speak Dog will also agree with me in that there wasn’t enough treats 🙂

My overall opinion, ahem I mean Holly’s is that these treats warrant a 5 Star review. They are very high quality, deliciously tasty, easy to over induldge in, nutritious and very high value treats which would make them ideal for training your dog!

FREE Samples, yes you read that right! You can receive a free sample of treats, try before you buy. To get your free sample all you need to do is when you reach out to Bentley and mention ‘Toronto Dog Walking’ you will receive a sample of 50 grams of treats!

To place an order you will need to email Bentleythedobie@gmail.com or direct message Bentley on his Instagram account. Do not expect a fancy website for ordering, over the top packaging mom and Bentley like to keep things simple while pursuing their hobby. Cash and etransfer are accepted as a form of payment.

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If you try some treats from Bentley, we want to hear about so go ahead and sound of in the comments!