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About Us

What we do – Dog Walking & Pet Sitting!

We are dedicated to the well-being of your pet, and a team of reliable and friendly pet care providers who are more than happy to provide the love, care and a healthy dose of socialization! Apart for this, we also do exercises with pets so they remain energetic and occupied, as well as feel more upbeat while you’re gone. We don’t want to make them feel like they are any less loved here!

At Toronto Dog Walking, it is our priority to provide a healthy and clean environment, where we handle your pets with extreme care and professionalism. We pride over our clients’ faith in us and that is what drives us to perform better every time. If you allow us to play with your pet and to look after them, you surely won’t be disappointed!

More often than not, people don’t have the time to spare for taking their dog out for a walk – owing to busy schedules and hectic routines – but at Toronto Dog Walking, we are available anytime to take your pup out for a casual stroll around the neighbourhood or a fun trip to the local park; take them out on exciting adventure walks and hikes through beautiful trails and ravines, and make sure the trip is truly enjoyable for your little one!

Toronto Dog Walking Puppy

Dog Walking

Dog Walking services are available 7 days a week. You can choose form potty breaks to adventure walks.

Puppy Visits

Available at numerous times throughout the day. Puppies get priority in our schedule to make sure they don’t have any accidents!

Pet Sitting

Just because your leaving home; doesn’t mean your pet has to! Leave them in the comfort of their own home and we will come visit!


A home away from home. Your dog will stay with one of our sitters in a family environment.

Why Choose Us!

Please take time to browse our site and feel free to get in touch if there is a service you require but you cannot see it listed as we will always do our best to accommodate you and your pooch.

We are very flexible and can either provide a daily or occasional service suited to your dogs needs.

Initial dog walking consultations will be held at your home and we’ll go through your pups routine and we will take your dog for a short walk so we can get to know them better and ask any questions we may have.

– Dogs can be walked on an individual basis or in a group depending on your preference & neighbourhood you live in.
– Each dog walk can be tailored to meet your dogs individual needs
– Dogs are walked on leash unless they have the ability to demonstrate a solid recall

We can Provide Multiple Visits

We can come and visit your pets at whatever time of the day you need us to, and can do multiple visits per day. To make it more authentic, we have a personalized pet care journal which will give you current updates on our visit, what we got up t and even has a photo of your pet! It can’t get more adorable than this!


GPS to Track all Visits and Keep a Daily Check on Your Pet

In order to make you feel more relaxed, we have set up a GPS to track all visits as a way to document how many visits are completed each day. Our admin team checks your schedule and makes sure that timely service is provided to your pet. We leave no room for disappointment – and guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services!

It is so essential have peace of mind knowing your pet is happy with us and being looked after the way you want them to be. Our quality services are not compromised and we pride over the fact that our reputation at Toronto Dog Walking services precedes us! This is why when you travel using our services, you won’t have anything to worry about as we have it all under control! It is our duty to give you what we have promised and that is: safe and secure environment for your beloved pet.
It is both our honor and privilege, to be able to look after your pet with utmost care and affection.

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