All Natural, Limited Ingredient Dog Treats by Crumps Natural

A transcript of an interview with Crumps Natural Dog Treats

We are live at the Crumps Naturals table. This is one of Suzana’s favourites.

So tell me, how do you know when you’re going to look for treats, what’s actually in the treat because people get confused.

Yep. Look at the back of the bag. You know why? There’s so many treats out there. You’ll see really long ingredient index on the back of the bag. Ours are pretty small.


We have lots of single ingredient treats. Here’s our … this is our Natural Dental. It’s … you’ll see the back. It’s four ingredients. It’s really, really small ingredient index.

And you can pronounce them.

And you can pronounce them. Right, right, right, right, right.

I can pronounce that this is what I was telling Pam today. I’m like, “If I can pronounce them, I know it’s good.”

Yeah. That’s right.

So, lots of single ingredient treats too. We have beef livers, beef tender sticks. One ingredient. Nothing added to it at all.

My dogs go crazy for your treats

You can’t bet the all meat treats. Dogs just love it, right?


Let’s grab a couple bags over here. These are our … this is our number one. Sweet potato.

Oh, sweet potato. My dog loves them.

We processed three or four tractor trailers full per week of sweet potatoes for these products because they’re just so popular. We’ve patented the way that we make them. It’s one ingredient only. You’ll see how they’re really chewy.

Oh yeah. They are. They’re not like really rock hard like the other ones that you see.

Yeah. So when someone’s buying the product, and they open the bag, so many bags, when you open it and they smell like dog treats. You smell that …

It smells like sweet potato fries.

It smells like sweet potato. Smells like at dinner time, right? Here you go. Isn’t that great?


It’s just a nice, sweet smell. Again, one ingredient. It’s a really … the fries and we have the big chews.

Oh perfect. So these will be better. My dog’s only a shih tzu so size is perfec

Little guy.

… this will keep her busy but she won’t be able to get

She’ll be working on that for awhile, I’d imagine.

She absolutely loves it. And how much can somebody expect to pay for a bag of treats like this?

You know what? It sort of ranges. Sort of from these bags start at $8 up to $20 to $30 for one of the big bags. We’ve also just launched our new food. Don’t worry. I’ll bring it over. This is Gutsy. We made this specifically for the guy health of the animals. It’s a dehydrated, raw kibble. So lots of super foods. Organic fruits and vegetables. Antibiotic and hormone free meats and lots of novel ingredients that help the dogs extract that energy from those great ingredients, ’cause dogs have a different digestive system than humans, right?


So not all dogs can get all the great nutrition from kale, for instance. There’s someĀ probiotics mixed in with some of the foods to help them with the digestive process. That’s why we’ve created Gutsy.

That’s such a great product.


It’s a pretty cool product. We’re getting a lot of fantastic feedback from that.

So happy to hear. My dog’s obsessed with your products. I’m just saying. I had to drag you guys over here today.

And if people want to find out more, if they want to have a look at the Gutsy or the treats, where would they go?

Perfect. Amazing. Thank you so much for your time.

Thanks for coming. Lovely to have you here.