An Interview with Chloe by Canine Culinary - Live on The Bark Show

The Bark Show live at Woofstock with Chloe by Canine Culinary

Suzana: Awesome. Hi, everyone. So here we are. Pam and I are going around Woofstock and we’re finding awesome businesses and then we’re sharing them with you guys. So here we are. Go ahead and introduce yourself and tell us about your business.

Canine Culinary: Hi. So we are Chloe by Canine Culinary and we make small-batch, homemade, made-to-order, totally organic dog food. It is locally and ethically sourced. So we’re helping our environment, our economy, and supporting local farmers, and of course doing great for our dogs. And a part of the proceeds every time you purchase from us are dedicated to pet charities, so you’re helping out your dog and other people’s dogs, which I think everyone loves, and especially here at Wolfstock, everyone’s a dog lover. And, on top of that, if you want to join us today, we’re doing a photo booth and it’s going on Instagram.

Canine Culinary: So with the bigger ones, they get to sit down. Some little ones get to sit on the chair. And they pick their little photo booth props and they take a photo and it’s entered on Instagram for a contest.

Pam: Is the food that you sell is it like a fresh food? Is it kibbles? What kind of food is it?

Canine Culinary: It is. It’s not kibbles. So we’re trying … We are staying away from kibble-based foods. So it is made and frozen and delivered straight to you. It is made to order, so when you order it, that is when it is made. And we also do special ingredients and special recipes according to allergies and ailments and joint issues, breath issues, diarrhea, lots of things that … you know, it has to be said. Yeah, lots of different things for different dogs and it’s for any age, breed, or size. And we customize the recipes. And because it is locally sourced, we also have seasonal recipes.

Suzana: Oh, nice.

Canine Culinary: Because certain ingredients are seasons. Yeah. So lots to find out. You can go to our website at and we are launching in July, so … yeah. And our sites, some of them, are under construction, but they do have landing pages and honor social media. We started it yesterday at Woofstock, so there’s some really cool posts.

Pam: Oh, wow. Congratulations.

Suzana: That’s fantastic.

Canine Culinary Yeah, thank you. So lots of great stories, see what’s going on here, yeah.

Pam: And then when you launch, like how much do you expect the price points, the price will be for, like say a week or a month supply of dog food?

Canine Culinary So the prices are going to depend, because there is so many different recipes and different sizes. So on the website you’d be able to enter the weight of your dog and all the dog details and we would kind of generate to you how many pounds or how much it should be. So the prices are better if we go online and kind of customize it.

Pam: Customize it?

Canine Culinary Yeah, because it’s not like a one-size-fits-all deal. But I will say, the reason we started this is because we got a puppy. Her name is Chloe. We got her five years ago, and from a lot of research, I realized that there are some great dog foods out there, but generally speaking, there was a lack of organic and really good-for-you stuff in the market. And kibbles, unfortunately, during the process, a lot of goodness is lost. So we wanted to maintain that, so we started cooking for her. So she gets a home-cooked meal and we turned that into this.

Pam: Oh, that’s amazing. And what type of puppy is she?

Canine Culinary She’s a toy poodle.

Suzana: Oh my gosh.

Canine Culinary Yeah.

Pam: That’s amazing. So people can start their ordering around July?

Canine Culinary July, yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 6: Perfect.

Canine Culinary Canada Day, so on Canada’s birthday.

Speaker 6: So if you just wanted to let the guys know again where to find you and what’s the status on social media.

Canine Culinary Absolutely. So’s the website and on social media you can find us @chloebycc. That’s chloebycc on Instagram, on Twitter, and on Facebook it’s chloebycanineculinary.

Pam: Perfect. I’m going to put all the contact info on Facebook, so it’ll be all labeled right there.

Canine Culinary Fantastic. Oh, I love it. That’s fantastic.

Pam: Thank you so much for your time today.

Canine Culinary Thanks so much guys. Bye.