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Can Dogs Get Sick Walking in the Rain? What You Need to Know

Can Dogs Get Sick Walking in the Rain? What You Need to Know

As your mother probably once warned, spending time outdoors in inclement weather could cause you to catch a cold.  Is the same true for dogs?  Here, whether or not walking in the rain can get a dog sick will be discussed.  

The Risks

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from a weakened immune system when bad weather lowers their defenses.  Dogs that are especially  young, old, or already suffer from a poor immune system are especially at risk for catching cold in bad weather. The biggest concern, however, is hypothermia, which can occur when a dog’s body temperature drops to abnormally low levels. The combination of wind, rain, and cold weather causes this condition.  If left untreated, hypothermia can be dangerous.

Symptoms of Hypothermia

Symptoms of mild hypothermia include shivering, weakness, and lack of mental alertness.  Moderate and severe symptoms include muscle stiffness, low blood pressure, slow breathing, decreased heart rate, difficulty breathing, and coma.  

What to Do if Your Dog Has Hypothermia

If you suspect your dog has hypothermia, you should assess whether your dog’s condition is mild, moderate, or severe.  In all cases, the dog’s core body temperature must be brought back to a safe level, such as through use of blankets or heating pads. In moderate and severe cases, medical treatment should be sought to ensure properly functioning organs.  

Preventing Hypothermia

Pet owners can prevent hypothermia in their dogs by limiting exposure to cold and wet weather.  When going outside in poor conditions is inevitable, rain jackets, sweaters, and dog parkas can be used to maintain the dog’s core body temperature. Owners of dogs that are greatest risk for developing hypothermia should take extra precautions with their pets by thoroughly drying their coats after coming inside from the rain.  

Overall, walking a dog in the rain does not inherently cause a dog to become sick.  However, dog owners should understand that certain animals may be at risk of developing a cold or hypothermia, especially animals that are young, old, or have compromised immune systems.  

Does you dog hate to walk in the rain? Find out why!

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Toronto Dogs Celebrating St Pawticks Day In Style!

Toronto Dogs Celebrating St Pawticks Day In Style!

The City of Toronto turned green for St. Patricks Day or should I say St Pawtricks Day! Pups all across the great city of Toronto got into the spirit of the Irish and wore green with pride. Being actually an Irish hooman in Toronto with my Irish doggie Holly I was so proud to see all the pups embrace Paddy’s Day and become Irish for the day!

Toronto Dogs are already known to be pawsome pups but wow they took St Pawtricks Day to the next level. Here are some of our favourites from the City!

Brandy The Menace – Sparkling in a Green Bowtie

A post shared by Brandy ? (@brandythemenace) on

Billiebootspwd pulling off the Irish look in style!

Onyx-Sheepadoodle seriously has Irish in her partying it up!

A post shared by Onyx (@onyx_sheepadoodle) on

Banjoishernameo summing up the feeling of being Irish for the day

Mumford beeming with pride to be an Irish doggo

Luther styling to perfection

Oliver is an Irish Charm

Versace – Anyone missing a Leprechaun?

Logan found the pot of gold!

Atti & Pixel the cutest of luckiest charms I ever did see!

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And the most Irish looking doggo goes to Manny!

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My Dog Never Wants to Walk in the Rain | Is it Safe to do so?

My Dog Never Wants to Walk in the Rain | Is it Safe to do so?

Pet owners know that the healthiest dogs are one that are exercised daily.  However, what is the best course of action when the weather is bad?  Is it safe to walk a dog in the rain?  Here, factors that affect the safety of your dog during a rainstorm will be discussed.  


When your dog has to potty, sometimes there are no alternatives other than to go outside.  However, lightning can be dangerous for both dogs and humans.  For many dogs – especially smaller ones – getting struck by lightning can even be fatal. Keep time spent outdoors in storms to a minimum.  If your dog is ever struck by lightning, seek medical help immediately.


Part of the fun of a rainstorm is jumping through puddles – something that few water-loving dogs can resist.  However, when walking your dog in an urban area these puddles can be full of toxins and debris that you would rather your dog avoid, such as motor oil.  Never allow your dog to drink from puddles during rainstorms, and avoid walking through puddles if possible.

Cold Weather

For small dogs, short haired dogs, and those without water resistant fur, rain and cold weather can lead to sickness.  Small, young, and elderly dogs should be properly protected from the cold and rain with a raincoat or an umbrella. Your dog can get sick from walking in the rain, know the signs. Learn more here. 

After Walking in the Rain

Following a walk in the rain (particularly when the weather is chilly) it is important to dry off your dog completely.  If the weather is cold, keep your dog away from drafts after a walk and consider putting a sweater on your dog or wrapping him or her in blankets to raise core body temperature.  

Ultimately, walking your dog in the rain is not dangerous in and of itself.  However, there are certain considerations that must be made to ensure your dog is as safe as possible.  In many instances, when the weather is poor your dog will instinctively want to stay inside.  When going outside is necessary, make sure you follow these tips to keep your dog safe!

Does your dog like walking in the rain? Let us know!


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Should your dog wear a raincoat or rainboots for walking in the rain?


Toronto City By Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Dogs with No Tags

Toronto City By Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Dogs with No Tags

The city of Toronto requires that if you own a dog you are required to purchase an annual license. Recently while our team has been out walking the lovely pooches of Toronto we have noticed a significant increase in the amount of dog by law enforcement officers in the parks stopping dog walkers and owners alike to check if their dogs have their current license tag and rabies tag.

Why the sudden surge in checks?

There hasn’t been anything formal issued from the city of Toronto but generally in my experience there are certain times of year when the city puts focus and more resources into patrolling dog parks. In all the years of walking dogs I have never once been approached by a enforcement officers while walking through neighbourhoods of Toronto, they seem to focus all their efforts in dog parks as it’s more opportune for them to get results. In previous years similar campaigns from the city have been implemented by having plain clothes officers inspect dogs at dog parks as normally you will spot an enforcement officer in their vehicle and uniform.

What is the purpose of the license?

The city of Toronto outlines the benefits of having a dog tag that to how your dogs microchip works. The license works as identification for you pup. If you dog goes missing or lost it’s easy for them to return your pet home, if your pet is involved in an emergency they know how to contact their furparents.

What happens to the money when you pay for a licence?

The City uses 100% of that money paid for licences to pay for the care of more than 6,000 pets in their care. The city has stated that funds go towards food and shelter and spaying of pets in their care, 24/7 on call support for emergency animal rescues, returning lost pets, finding new homes for dogs seeking adoption and much more.

How can I get a license?

You can get a license online by visiting and purchase or renew a license with your credit card. You can also register for a license by phone, mail and inperson. All the application details can be found here.

What happens if I don’t have a license on my dog?

Your dog is required by Toronto City by laws to wear his license tag at all times. If you dog does not have a license you will be subject to a fine of $240.

More information about the by laws visit

Toronto City Dog By Law

Should Dogs Wear Raincoats and Rainboots When Walking in the Rain?

Should Dogs Wear Raincoats and Rainboots When Walking in the Rain?

Dogs wearing clothes is a topic that divides many dog owners.  On one hand, many dogs have waterproof fur and by nature, they have evolved to withstand many types of elements.  On the other hand, the diversity of breeds and sizes of dogs means that some breeds, such as Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas, can find themselves in environments where they do not naturally thrive.  Here, whether or not dogs should wear raincoats and rain boots when walking in the rain will be discussed.  

Advantages of Raincoats and Rain Boots

For dog owners, the main advantages of raincoats and rain boots are that they limit the amount of moisture and mud the dog brings into the house.  For dogs that do not have water resistant coats, rain resistant clothing can reduce the amount of time (as well as the hassle) spent drying off a dog after a walk.  

For some dogs, walking in cold rain can present the risk of catching a cold or developing hypothermia.  This fact is true for young, elderly, short-haired, or long-haired dogs – especially when the weather is chilly.  Additionally, rain boots prevent dogs from being exposed to run off during a rainstorm that might contain chemicals such as motor oil.  

Disadvantages of Rain Coats and Rain Boots

Even though raincoats and rain boots for dogs have advantages, not all dogs enjoy wearing clothing.  In particular, dogs can struggle to walk when first wearing boots.  It is important that rain boots fit properly, and that the dog is acclimated to wearing them.  Proper traction is required if the boots are to be worn on slippery surfaces.  

Additionally, the raincoat should not restrict your dog’s movement.  Some dog owners find that raincoats are stifling, so you should find a coat that is both water-resistant and breathable.  Besides a dog’s possible discomfort, there are no other serious disadvantages to wearing rain gear.  

Ultimately, whether or not your dog wears a raincoat or rain boots is dependent upon your pet’s comfort as well as factors such as your dog’s age, breed, and the climate.  Not only does water-resistant rain gear minimize the amount of time spent drying your dog after a rainy walk, but a raincoat and rain boots also can help keep your dog healthy.