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Canada Day is Gone to the Dogs!

Canada Day is Gone to the Dogs!

Canada Day certainly went to the dogs! This is why I love the dogs of Toronto. When you see the Toronto Dogs pulling out all the stops for Canada Day celebrations you just have to share it with others.

Pooches all across the city of Toronto are showing how proud they are to be Canadians and celebrating the joyous occasion is with their fur friends and humans. The city of Toronto is awash of red and white pawsomeness this past weekend.

Here are some of our favourite doggos…Happy Birthday Canada!

Dawson & The Six Pack Dogs

Dawson said it best….”One day, Canada will take over the world. Then we’ll say ‘Sorry’…for being awesome. Celebrating with your doggie besties and their hoomans. I mean does life get much better? This may be a  #throwback to last Canada Day but I can’t help but share their pawsomeness.

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Navi the Maltipoo

Proud Candian right here! Navi is beaming with pride as she wears his red & white bandana, draped by the Canadian Flag. Celebrating Canada Day in the great outdoors is the Canadian thing to do!

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Miss Pickles The Pug

Toronto’s fashionista & drag dog, Miss Pickles the Pug slaying her Canada Day ensemble with a red ruffled dress accompanied by an oversized red a white bow. #QueenP

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Korean born but now calls Canada her home and doesn’t she fit right in eh! Celebrating her first Canada Day and looking pawmazing. Sophie was rescued from a puppy mill and was adopted after being sent to a high kill shelter.

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Beans, the Toronto Terrier

Beans summing up Canada in one picture. ‘SORRY’ lol. Beans is draped head to toe in Canadian swag with a custom Canadaian leash, Beans already proudly reps the city of Toronto and now she’s showing off her country!

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Horton McSnorton

A real Canadian mountie spotted in Toronto! Officer Horton was spotted keeping the 6ix safe for the Canada Day long weekend. There is just something about a man in uniform 😉 So Candian eh?!

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Archer the Iggy

Stylish as ever, Archer knows less is more! Archer is wearing a Canadian themed bowtie and we are sure you will agree that he is a best-dressed nominee. Archer is a proud Canadian who reps all the iggies of Canada all year long!

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Mia in the 6ix

Mia is beaming with pride to be a Canadian. She is Candian born and bred. Does anyone else think that the Canadian national anthem is playing while the hooman takes her picture (or is that just me 🙂

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Tofu the Chow Poodle Mix

When you have all the fluff all you need is one popping accessory. I think we may be spotting a trend this year and it’s the minimalist look for the boys! Tofu with his contrasting colours here, we can only say…Tofu, you nailed it!

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Celebrating with furfriends at the cottage is what the Canada Day Long Weekend is for! Mr Elroy and his buddy soaking up the celebrations in Muskoka while wearing matching Canadian scarves!

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A Lawyer for Your Dog! How Can an Animal Lawyer Help You?

A Lawyer for Your Dog! How Can an Animal Lawyer Help You?

Introduction to Episode 15: Animal Law with David Samuels

The Bark Show is a podcast where we discuss all things dogs, co-hosted by Pam Curry and Suzana Curcija, brought to you by Toronto Dog Walking and I Speak Dog. Today’s guest is David Samuels from Gartner & Associates Animal Law. David is a litigation lawyer who works with clients to plan out a cost-effective strategy to achieve a successful resolution of their animal dispute claims. David is a an animal lover himself, and he has always owned animals since he was a child.

Find us at

Instagram – @torontodogwalking & @ispeakdog


Podcast Episode Summary

  • Gartner & Associates Animal Law is the first law firm that deals exclusively with animal related matters, located in downtown Toronto but have clients all around the country
  • Animal law is a niche industry, the firm is made of animal lovers passionate about helping animals who can’t speak for themselves and other animal lovers
  • Usually they deal with pet custody disputes between ex-couples, disputes about dog bites, vet-related issues, condominium disputes when tenants are asked to remove their pets, etc.
  • Every situation is different and looked at case-by-case, it’s a growing industry where rules aren’t black and white
  • Read the lease agreement or lease declaration for the condo before moving in or buying or renting property, in regards to allowing animals
  • To evict a dog from a property there is a procedure and a set of rules to follow as well as evidence needed to claim
  • Dangerous Dog orders by the City of Toronto are issued based on a dog biting or attacking another dog/human or by the province of Ontario if it’s a more escalated bite/incident
  • There are opportunities to appeal the order, contact the city and explain the reasons behind your dog’s aggressiveness, the circumstances and their history
  • With Gartner & Associates Animal Law they present the evidence and present a case
  • He would advise dog owners to save money for potentially seeking legal advice in the future
  • For pet custody cases, there are two options: mediation (informal, coming to an agreement/schedule that works for both parties) or litigation (formal, taking it to court, judge decides)
  • Pets are still seen as property in the eyes of the law, they don’t have their own rights but judges are realizing more and more that they are family members
  • People can call the police and get help for animal abuse cases, including seeing a pet locked in a hot car
  • A lot of times, clients don’t realize the Dangerous Dog orders are very serious. There are 2 different cases, municipal bylaw (city of Toronto) or all of Ontario. In the first case the conditions are no longer relevant when leaving Toronto. If they were ordered to muzzle their dog within Ontario, the repercussions for not following said order will be harsh.
  • Aside from client work, Gartner & Associates Animal Law participates in lobbying for worthy causes, currently lobbying against dog trapping/hunting, collect signatures to end dog trapping. Link to online petition on their website and Facebook page!



“I’m very proud and happy to work in an office where we can help these animals and give them a voice.”

“The animal law industry is catching up slowly in terms of recognizing that these animals do have feelings and they can be heard and they aren’t just property.”

Recommended Resources

  1. Gartner & Associates Animal Law website:
  2. By phone: 416-836-9971
  3. David Samuels-
  4. Facebook:
  5. Previous episode

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My Reactive Husky Now Has Friends – Success Story

My Reactive Husky Now Has Friends – Success Story

On this episode we are joined by Mo Asgari to talk about her successful training she has had with her previous reactive dog Layla. Mo is an artist, jewellery maker as well as photographer. She’s a 4th generation jeweller who works in a family run business and custom designs her pieces using CAD software. She is mom to adorable husky named Layla, who just recently turned 11 years old

Mo provides some great tips that have worked well for them in Layla’s transformation.

“I was so afraid to let anyone come and say hello to Layla for fear that she would nip or bite them”



You can find Mo & Layla online.

Website –

Instagram – @Designs_by_Mo & @Everafterdb

5 Best Dog Bakeries in Toronto

5 Best Dog Bakeries in Toronto

Here at Toronto Dog Walking, we consider ourselves lucky to live in a city full of dog lovers, and dog owners that love to treat their four-legged life companions. We are of the humble opinion that whether it’s their birthday, or a special milestone, or simply so that they aren’t left out of OUR special occasion and milestones, our furry best pals deserve an edible indulgence just as much as their humans do. But let’s be honest with ourselves, we definitely don’t need a special occasion to treat our furry best pals to a pupcake or the occasional treat.

So here’s a list of Top 5 Best Pet Bakeries in Toronto…

Pawsalicious Bakery

While this list is in no particular order, Pawsalicious deserves its reigning spot as one of the best pet bakeries in Toronto; simply because of the quality of the service and the products that it offers. Located in Markham, Pawsalicious Bakery’s clients travel from far and wide to pick up their pet’s custom-made cake, but the bakery also has delivery available to the Toronto and surrounding area of Markham, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill.

Open by appointment only, Pawsalicious Bakery prides itself on creating affordable cakes and other treats that are all made with organic ingredients, as well as gluten free and wheat free flour. Take a look at their amazing creations at or on Instagram @pawsaliciousbakery


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Bow Wow Bakery

So, by now, you know the drill: 100% organic, healthy, all made in-house from scratch, yadda yadda yadda. But what makes Bow Wow Bakery, located in Etobicoke, stand out? Their exquisite designs, which you can view on their glitzy user-friendly website (complete with a Testimonials page by the clients) or on their Instagram are so much fun to customize when ordering! Clients can choose different aspect of the baked good, from the flavour to the icing, and order online. Flavours include Apple and Oats, Peanut Butter and Banana, and Carrot. And yes, they are safe for humans to consume, too.


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Dream Cakery

Aside from making cakes and other baked goods that look good enough for humans to eat, Dream Cakery’s designs are complete #InstagramGoals so please head on over to their Instagram page to see what we mean. We’re talking ice-cream cone-shaped cake pops. A lot of dog cakes and treats can be made with sugar which is detrimental to their health, so Dream Cakery ensures that all their products are made with absolutely no sugar or artificial preservatives, to set your mind at ease. They currently have a couple of combos and packages that are on sale on their website:


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The Dog Market


This one is a pet supply store, which also features a pet bakery that carries baked goods, such as cakes and cookies for your furry best pal. What we really appreciate about this company is their view of positive reinforcement when it comes to your relationship with your pet, which is something that we at Toronto Dog Walking feel passionate about. It states on The Dog Market’s website that positive reinforcement is an important part of successful, long-lasting training. And what better tool to use for positive reinforcement of your pet, than their delicious treats?

Located in the Beaches area of downtown Toronto on 2116 Queen Street East, they offer lots of other products that you can also check out on their Instagram @thebeachdogmarket .


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Mattie and Finnegan

We could not complete this list without this wonderful company that does such important charity work for the No Hungry Pets Project, which is a non-profit organization that supplies pet food to local Toronto food banks and organization to help pet parent clients. Mattie and Finnegan, a company started by vet industry professional Denise Angus and Lynda Paul, owner of a Leslieville bakery for humans, give part of their proceeds to this wonderful cause.

They also offer FREE delivery on all their products! Using healthy indredients like turmeric, cinnamon, veggies and fruits, Mattie and Finnegan goodies are made in a nut-free facility by people who really care about our furry companies.

Named after the owners’ own cake-loving puppers, this bakery really stands out as something special. You can see the skill of an experienced baker (of over 15 years!) in their designs, which include cakes that are an exact replica of the dogs they were ordered for! See for yourself at Their Liver Cake is a top seller, as well as their custom 3D Full Dog Body and Head cakes.

Dog Cakes Toronto

Reactive Dog Success Story – Power of Positive Reinforcemnet

Reactive Dog Success Story – Power of Positive Reinforcemnet

On this episode of The Bark Show we are joined by Alaya, Prince the eskipoo’s mom where we discuss the transformation they both have made.

Prince lives in a high rise condo and was reactive to every little noise that made even leaving the condo to go outside for potty a difficult task.

Listen in to their story on how they overcame reactivity to having other furfriends.

Follow Prince on Instagram @prince_eskipoo & mom Alaya @justalaya