Unless your dog is potty pad trained and enjoys exercising on a treadmill, she is going to have to venture outside this winter at least a few times per day. Dog paws are sensitive this time of year to salt, ice, and extreme temperatures. One way to keep your pet’s feet protected is with winter boots. The best options are described below.

Pawz, $17.99/12 boots

Pawz dog boots are perfect for the utilitarian pup that doesn’t need anything fancy. These natural rubber dog boots resemble balloons before they are blown up, and are easy to take on and off of your pet. Better yet, they simply act as a barrier from the harsh conditions, and will not be difficult for your pup to adapt to using. These sock-like boots allow full range of motion and are disposable, biodegradable, inexpensive, and waterproof.

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Wellies Boots, $17.99

Wellies are similar to the Pawz boots described above, except that they are made from silicon, have a textured sole, and are fastened with Velcro around the dog’s ankles. Like Pawz, they are durable and flexible, and your dog will still be able to feel the ground beneath its feet. Specifically made to protect your dog’s paws from ice, snow, and salt, these are a great option for your pet during the winter.

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Ruffwear Polar Trex, $99.95

If your dog requires more warmth, traction, and protection, Polar Trex boots are perfect for your pet. These boots have an insulated softshell upper that is waterproof, yet breathable and warm. The outsole is designed for superior traction on slippery surfaces. Polar Trex are made to stay in place, combining both a hook and eye closure with a cinch to ensure the boots remain on even the narrowest portion of your dog’s leg. The additional pullover stretch gaiter keeps snow out and warmth in for ultimate comfort.
Polar Trex Dog Boots

Hi Toppers, $59.99

Don’t just protect your dog’s paws this winter; keep her legs warm, too! Hi Toppers combine high-traction boots with additional length to ensure your dog’s entire lower leg stays warm and dry. The rugged sole will help your dog better navigate treacherous terrain, even on icy surfaces. The interior of the boot is composed of polar fleece, making sure even short-haired dogs stay warm. The outer material is waterproof Hydroflex nylon that allows unrestrained movement, and two elastic Velcro straps help Hi Toppers stay in place. These boots are perfect for any dog who is up for a snowy adventure.

Neo-Paws Ice & Snow Traction Cleats, $10.00/ 1 pair

If your dog struggles to remain stable once the ground turns to ice, traction cleats can protect your dog’s muscles and joints. These cleats can be attached to any Neo-Paws shoe to increase your dog’s traction. They are comprised of TPR rubber which can withstand temperatures as cold as -40o C and carbide tungsten studs that provide superior grip. Best of all, Neo-Paws cleats are easy to attach and remove, and are even recyclable! They are available to fit shoes sized M – XXL.

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