• If you dog is like most dogs they do not like bath time, some dogs head for cover once they see the owner head to the bathroom and prepare for bath time! Have you ever noticed that your dog can pick up on the differences between bath time for you and bath time for them? Without knowing, you are giving signals to the dog that it’s time for their bath!

Bissell have created the Bark Bath to overcome the issue of having to bring your dog to the bathroom in order to give them a wash. Essentially the bark bath is a dry bath that does not require a sink to remove the water.

What’s included in the Bark Bath?

  • A Microfiber mat for the machine to sit on
  • A Microfiber mat for drying off the dog (size of a face cloth)
  • Shampoo
  • Bathing UnitPutting the bathing unit together took around 5-10 minutes. It’s pretty straightforward to figure out what goes into what element without reading the instructions but it’s always a good idea to read instructions ?

    After setting everything up and getting Holly ready to start her wash I placed Holly on a fleece rug so she is comfortable. Now we are ready to try it out! I turn on the machine and here is my BIGGEST mistake I hope you avoid with your dog. Holly was far to close to the machine and it’s pretty loud. It sounds exactly like a loud vacuum so we had to readjust our set up and move the unit as far away from Holly as possible. Once there was distance between her and the unit that was no longer an issue.

    Ok so we are ready to try this again! We proceed to start our wash and my girl is not a happy bunny but this isn’t anything unusual for a bathing situation but that isn’t unusual for Holly, she HATES the bath. Her stress levels were lower than when she is in a bath.

    It takes a while for your pup to get wet and I had to spray water directly onto her to get her wet (only a couple of shots), the amount of water that comes out of the hose is not excessive but you will definitely need to have some sort of towel, mat underneath your dog. As you are washing your dog the hose is sucking up the dirt in the same motion.

    Bark Bath Dirt Removal

    After a little while of getting washed Holly was feeling more relaxed. It took around 10 minutes to fully wash Holly, minus her head as I don’t think putting a hose in her face would go down well as she hates it in the bath and its quicker and painful then placing a hose in her face. Each pup is different and you know your dog best so it’s always good to do what is best for your dog.

    If you had a larger breed dog like a golden retriever or a dog with a heavy/long coat I think it would be a lot tougher to wash them. The water that comes out, it’s not going to totally drench/soak them and it maybe difficult to clean them thoroughly.

    This bathing unit will not be enough to keep up your dogs coat throughout the year. Your dog will need to go to the groomer for a good deep groom in between washes. This unit is ideal if they just need a good sprucing up.

    Overall with the Bark Bath it is convenient, it is perfect for small dogs, white dogs, dogs who hate the bath (conditioning that would be needed if your dog doesn’t like the vacuum), apartment dogs it’s portable unit, dogs who maybe don’t have a bath at home or if you need to just do touch ups.

    The Bark Bath is not going to solve the problem of not bathing your dog, not bringing your dog to the groomer. You will need to still go to your groomers, you will need to give your dog a good scrub so you can clean their skin and all over deep clean. The Bark Bath will solve the problem of the days when dogs have a small amount of dirt on their legs and under belly. It would be really really helpful for keeping the maintenance, not having to bath your dog. Not having to make a big deal about the whole bathing situation. I think most dogs will really like it.

    If you have used the Bark Bath yourself let us know in the comments section, if you haven’t used it let us know what you think of the product itself. If you would like us to review a product or service for you just pop it in the comments or send us through a message.

    If you would like to purchase a Bark Bath for your doggo you can get free shipping on your Bark Bath here.

    Bissell Bark Product Review

    Bark Bath Review