What to Buy the Dog Lover In Your Life | Pawfect Gift Guide

Shopping for gifts? You may find that some people are more difficult to shop for than others.  What do you buy the person that has everything?  If he or she is a dog owner, listed below are a few fun ideas.

Dog Walking Bag

If the dog lover you need to buy for frequently enjoys the great outdoors with his or her pup, a Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag is a wonderful gift idea.  These bags are perfect for the dog owner who has a lot to carry, such as waste bags, water bottles, toys, treats, camera, phone, keys, book, or journal.  Created by an adventuring dog owner who felt there was a clear need for such a bag on the market, Jasper Swag Dog Walking bags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the mini model to the on-the-fly style.  Each bag is well made and gender neutral, made to fit the specific needs of a dog owner.

Canvas Print of Dog

Does the dog owner in your life enjoy showing off photos of his or her precious pup?  Go one step further and purchase a personalized canvas print of the pet.  There are numerous ways to achieve this gift.  For instance, you can send a high-quality digital file of the photo you would like reproduced to a service such as Canvas Champ, who will then print your photo on canvas and deliver it to your door.  If you are looking for an artier option, consider commissioning an artist to reproduce a favorite picture in his or her own artistic styling.   

Pet Canvas Print

Personalized Jewelry

Help the favorite dog owner in your life keep her pets close to her heart throughout the day by purchasing personalized jewelry.  This gift works best if you have access to your friend’s dog.  One option is to have the pup’s paw print etched into a necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings.  Simply upload a scanned image of the dog’s paw print, which can be acquired with nontoxic paint or clay; or, you can simply take a photo of the underside of the dog’s paw!

A second unique idea is to create jewelry from a pet’s nose print.  No two noses are alike, and for many owners nothing is as cute as a pup’s snout! Here, special putty will be sent to the dog owner who will then make an impression of the dog’s nose.  This mold will then be shipped back to the company for the engraving process.

DNA Test

Is your dog-owning friend or family member tired of continually being asked which breeds comprise his or her mutt?  A DNA test is the perfect way to put this question to rest.  The owner will simply collect a cheek swab of the dog and send the kit back to the company for testing.  This highly sensitive test will detect the dog’s lineage all the way back to its four sets of grandparents.  Important medical information can be revealed as well.  

Let us know any unique ideas you have for buying a giftt for the dog lover in your life!