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Cat Sitting

Toronto Cat Sitting

Cuddle Care

Professional Cuddle Carers – what more could you ask for?! Except if your kitty is more of a talker or needs their own space…whatever works for them!

Toronto Cat Sitting

Daily Medication Needs

Your kitty needs some extra attention! Not to worry – our experienced kitty krew can help administer all types of medication!

Every Day Needs!

All depending on your kitties needs we will feed your furry baby, provide fresh water and change the kitty litter! If your cat likes extra TLC or enjoys a brushing our kitty krew have got your covered!



Does your cat liked to be brushed? Let us know! No two cats are the same and we tailor each visit to each kitty!


Nothing beats snuggling with some cuddily kitties!


Raw, Kibble, Wet Food or Customized Creations we will make sure your kitties feeding schedule stays the same and clean up their bowls afterwards!

Litter Clean Up

Making sure your kitties litter boxes are kept nice and clean, just the way kitties demand it be!


Does your kitty like to play? We do!! If your kitty likes to play and interact we will be their designated play buddy!


Does your kitty like to play? We do!! If your kitty likes to play and interact we will be their designated play buddy!

Need to know more? Contact Us Now!

Does your kitty have any medication or dietary needs and need multiple visits a day, contact us today and we can go through the options as what’s best suited for you and your furry baby!


Quick Visit 15 Mins

Ideal for Houdini kitties or those who a super independent!

Social Time 30 Mins

Perfect for the socialite and the kitty who loves to play or have a chat!

Multiple Visits

Ideal for Kitties who love more people time, need medication or keeping up with their feeding schedule!

Overnight Stays

Does your cat like to snuggle up with you in bed, well why change their routine!

Set Up Your Meet & Greet

Ready to get started? Simply request your meet & greet at a time that suits you and your furry baby!

“As a consultant, my position sometimes requires me to leave town for site visits that are both planned and short notice.  When friends were unable to look after Biggs (my kitten) I reached out to Toronto Dog Walking.  After the initial meet-and-greet with Biggs‘ lovely potential babysitter Patricia, I was still a little uneasy leaving him alone as he was a 7 month old kitten that I have only had for a month or so.
That worry was immediately removed once I received my first ‘Journal’ entry.  I was sent an update of what was done complete with pictures of Biggs and a comment of his mood.  Since then I have had to travel a bit more and I never hesitate to reach out to Toronto Dog Walking to schedule visits.  I am a worrier so I am still hesitate leaving Biggs alone, but all of that disappears when I see the update and know Biggs is being well looked after.”
– Tyler N

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