My Dog Never Wants to Walk in the Rain | Is it Safe to do so?

Pet owners know that the healthiest dogs are one that are exercised daily.  However, what is the best course of action when the weather is bad?  Is it safe to walk a dog in the rain?  Here, factors that affect the safety of your dog during a rainstorm will be discussed.  


When your dog has to potty, sometimes there are no alternatives other than to go outside.  However, lightning can be dangerous for both dogs and humans.  For many dogs – especially smaller ones – getting struck by lightning can even be fatal. Keep time spent outdoors in storms to a minimum.  If your dog is ever struck by lightning, seek medical help immediately.


Part of the fun of a rainstorm is jumping through puddles – something that few water-loving dogs can resist.  However, when walking your dog in an urban area these puddles can be full of toxins and debris that you would rather your dog avoid, such as motor oil.  Never allow your dog to drink from puddles during rainstorms, and avoid walking through puddles if possible.

Cold Weather

For small dogs, short haired dogs, and those without water resistant fur, rain and cold weather can lead to sickness.  Small, young, and elderly dogs should be properly protected from the cold and rain with a raincoat or an umbrella. Your dog can get sick from walking in the rain, know the signs. Learn more here. 

After Walking in the Rain

Following a walk in the rain (particularly when the weather is chilly) it is important to dry off your dog completely.  If the weather is cold, keep your dog away from drafts after a walk and consider putting a sweater on your dog or wrapping him or her in blankets to raise core body temperature.  

Ultimately, walking your dog in the rain is not dangerous in and of itself.  However, there are certain considerations that must be made to ensure your dog is as safe as possible.  In many instances, when the weather is poor your dog will instinctively want to stay inside.  When going outside is necessary, make sure you follow these tips to keep your dog safe!

Does your dog like walking in the rain? Let us know!


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