What to Buy the Dog Lover in Your Life | Gift Guide

Looking to buy a gift for the dog lover in your life and wondering what to get them? Running out of time but want to give a gift that says a lot of effort went into picking out the pawfect gift without the stress? Don’t worry we have the go to list for you. Here are a few last-minute ideas for the dog owner in your life.

Emergency Contact Card

A pet owner’s worst nightmare is not being able to care for his or her dog in case of emergency. Gift your favorite pet parent peace of mind with thoughtful items such as Pet Alert stickers that notify rescue workers there are pets inside the home. If a medical emergency were to occur while the owner is away, this wallet and key set notifies first responders that pets are home alone, and provides contact information for an alternate caregiver.

Pet Rescue Card


Personalized Throw Pillow

Dogs that are allowed on the furniture tend to leave behind dirt, dog hair, and worse. Oftentimes, throw pillows don’t stand a chance at staying clean. Pillows with removable pillow cases are perfect for a dog owner, especially ones that showcase a favorite breed!

Pet Throw Pillow


Best in Show DVD

Dog owners can be intense sometimes when it comes to the care of their pets. Best in Show pokes fun at breeds and owners during this hilarious “mockumentary.” If the dog owner on your list owns a Bloodhound, Weimaraner, Standard Poodle, or Norwich Terrier, this movie is a must-have.

Dog gift Best in Show DVD

Dog Coffee Mug

Is there a better way to start the morning than with dogs and coffee? A dog-specific coffee mug is the perfect gift for a canine-obsessed caffeine fiend. This one is for me if anyone is looking to buy me a gift 🙂

Dog Coffee Mug Gift


Gifts that Give Back

Dog people are some of the most kind-hearted individuals in the world. Consider a gift that gives back, such as a Dog for Dog item or this bracelet that provides meals for 22 shelter dogs.

Dog Gift


Dog Seatbelt

Keep both your dog-loving friend and his or her pup safe with a car restraint system. Every year, countless dogs and owners are injured in car crashes due to distracted driving. Dog seatbelts and tethers ensure safety on the road.

Dog Seatbelt


If the dog owner on your list claims dog hair is a wardrobe accessory, consider a Furminator or other de-shedding tool. This brush has been shown to reduce up to 90% of stray dog hair, which is perfect for the pet owner with high-shedding pets.

Furminator Dog Gift


Escape-Proof Harness

Some dogs are master escape artists and cause unnecessary stress for their owners. An escape-proof, no pull harness is the answer! Many styles are available, from ones that are made of one continuous piece of rope, to configurations that wrap around the body.

Escape Proof Harness


Gulpy Water Dispenser

Going for adventures is fun, but carrying water and a bowl for a dog is cumbersome. The Gulpy overcomes this problem by combining bottle and bowl for total owner convenience!

gulpy water holder


A simple and thoughtful gift is to make a donation in the name of the dog owner to a favorite animal organization. The OSPCA, local Humane Society, Beagle Freedom Project, or other animal shelter or rescue are all wonderful beneficiaries of this generosity.