Phodography with El Keegan!

Introduction to Episode 14: Phodography with El Keegan!

The Bark Show is a podcast where we discuss all things dogs, co-hosted by Pam Curry and Suzana Curcija, brought to you by Toronto Dog Walking and I Speak Dog. Today’s guest is pet photographer El Keegan of El Keegan Photography. El is als a food, product, wedding, and lifestyle photographer. El loves all fields of photography but raising two pups made her fall in love with photographing dogs. Her dogs are far from ordinary, they’re deeply emotional, hilarious and they regularly humiliate her and have done for years now. For El, it’s so important to capture their characters. Not all dogs are perfectly behaved but we love them fiercely. They are our best friends, after all.

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Podcast Episode Summary

  • Back in Ireland where she’s originally from, El didn’t really know what she wanted to do after graduating but had studied photography in college and got scouted by the Irish Independent newspaper and worked there for 5-6 years
  • Her and her partner decided to leave Dublin and move to Toronto with their 2 dogs
  • El took up any gigs she could get such as food and drink photography but would take her camera on dog walks to the dog park and take pictures of her dogs
  • Her two dogs are full of life and character, very wild when out on walks, so El wanted to bring that energy to her dog photography business
  • She has been trying different formats and styles with different dogs to see what suits them best.
  • Usually takes a full hour to do the shoot to leave time for the dog to get settled, sniff around, feel safe and El gets to know them with treats and toys. It’s about capturing a variety of different poses, it’s about the dog’s experience. People often put their dogs through a lot of stress to get the perfect picture but El is strictly against that
  • Dog owners might want to take the dogs for a walk before the shoot if they are hyper dogs
  • End result of her shoot is 5 really high quality images, each package comes with 8 x 10 canvas
  • She’s working on a coffee table book called The Secret Life of Dogs, to be offered in the next year, an elaborate dog lifestyle project. Huge concepts, dog centric, takes a month to shoot the dogs separately and then compose them together
  • She had the idea for a year and found a poker table on Kijiji to kick the project off, hoping to have 30 shoots in the final book
  • She is offering $50 off her “Phodography” package for shoots booked for the month of October – just mention The Bark Show!!



“So many people think dog photography is for the quiet, sweet dogs that will sit and pose for any amount of time, but it’s just not. Dogs are incredible, wild, hilarious and full of character. Sometimes the photos where they look deranged, with their tongue hanging out, is the perfect encapsulation of that dog.”

“I won’t let you leave until you have excellent photos, but I want to make sure it’s done in the right way.”

“I don’t speak dog, but I’m not tone deaf.”

“There is no rule for every dog.”

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