The Bark Show Live at Woofstock; a transcript of our interview with Everyday Bicycles

Suzana: Tell us about your company. Tell us about where we can find you. This is such a cool product.
So we’re Everyday Bicycles. We do trailers and now eventually we’re doing pet trailers. You can find us online at Open. That’s one opens as well.
Suzana: So spacious. Wow. Oh my gosh.
Everyday Bicycles: This comes off. There’s a back entrance for bigger dog to go in.
Suzana: Kingsley. That’s for my dog.
Everyday Bicycles: That thing goes down, closes in the back.
Pam: That’s great. Yes.
Everyday Bicycles: Holds this water bottle that comes with it. Little moon roof for the bigger dogs.
Suzana: That’s fantastic. Do you have bigger sizes or is this the only ones you have?
Everyday Bicycles: No. This is the only size we have. It’s for medium dogs. Folds down nice and easy. Tabs come off.
Pam: Amazing.
Everyday Bicycles: Nice and flat.
Pam: Wow.
Everyday Bicycles: Turns into a bicycle trailer. This thing comes off, comes off, and now it connects to the rear axle of the bike.
Suzana: Wow. Love it.
Pam: It’s pretty cool.
Everyday Bicycles: And pretty much it.
Pam: And where can we find you?
Everyday Bicycles:
Pam: Okay.
Pam: What’s the weight maximum?
Everyday Bicycles: It’s at 50 to 100 but it’s tested for over 100.
Pam: Okay.
Everyday Bicycles: It’s just that the most important thing is the size of the dog. How big it is. Weight’s not so much of an issue.
Pam: Have you ever had more than one dog in there? Have you had two small dogs?
Everyday Bicycles: Today we had someone come in with five shih tzus. No joke. They put all five shih tzus in one carrier.
Pam: Oh my gosh. That would be my idea of heaven.
Everyday Bicycles: They all fit just fine. They weren’t barking or biting each other. It works out.
Pam: Is it actually a smooth ride when they’re going? It’s not going to be boomp, boomp, boomp, boomp?
Everyday Bicycles: When you go into a bike trailer mode, you take off the front wheel. That just comes right off. It’s got pneumatic tires so it usually spins all right.
Pam: How much can somebody expect to pay for something like this?
Everyday Bicycles: The regular retail is $239.99 and that usually comes with the shipping. For the show, we always have special prices.
Pam: So again, where can people find you online?
Everyday Bicycles: Thank you guys for having us.
Pam: Have a great day.
Everyday Bicycles: Take care, guys.
Pam: Bye.