Get to Know the Judges! Toronto's Top Dog | Toronto Dog Walking

Toronto’s Top Dog contest is currently underway with the objective of finding the cutest, funniest and coolest dog in town. Dogs from all parts of the city entered this event; the judges have oodles of cuteness on their hands. We are at the midway point of the contest, so we took the opportunity to talk with the judges. They were willing to share moments from their amazing experience in helping judge Toronto’s Top Dog!

First of all, we had a chat with Elizabeth Lima. She owns an online store called Pawfectly Prepared Gourmet Pet Food, where she offers natural and fresh dog food for the dog owners out there. She also owns two dogs named Rio and Jax, who are loving and playful. She has also created an Instagram account for her two dogs, which has about 17.7k active followers at the moment. Through this Instagram account, she has been hosting a large number of fun contests. These judging experiences helped her to become a judge in the Toronto’s top dog contest.

At the beginning of the conversation, Elizabeth Lima said that she is honored to be a part of the judgement panel for the Toronto’s top dog contest. When she came to the contest, she had a basic understanding about how the winning dog should look like. In fact, her definition about a top dog is a one that is always ready to pose for the camera. In addition, she believes that a dog should be friendly, adorable and have a unique personality. Elizabeth Lima is extremely close with the dogs as well. In fact, she does the taste testing for dog food made at her store.

Next we got the opportunity to talk with Dr. Scott Bainbridge. He is a veterinarian who has years of experience in dealing with dogs. In fact, he wanted to become a vet from his childhood. He has been able to achieve that target after going through a lot of difficulties. He has received a tremendous support from his family members as well. Dr. Scott Bainbridge has owned a large number of dogs throughout his entire life. He can still remember the cherishing experiences that he had with each and every dog. Recently he has adopted a 7 year old dog, who’s name is Kia. She has been a special dog for Dr. Scott Bainbridge because she has had the qualities of all dogs the doctor owned before. Another impressive thing about the life of Dr. Scott Bainbridge is that he has never gone more than six months without having a dog in his life. This clearly shows the connection that he has with dogs. This makes him a perfect candidate to work as a judge for the Toronto’s Top Dog contest.

Dr. Scott Bainbridge said that he is honored to be a part of the judgement panel. He has been eagerly waiting for the event day as well. He strongly believes that the people in Toronto are approachable and friendly. He expects the same qualities from the dogs that live in the town as well. He also said that he will make the judgement based on these two factors. In other words, he is planning to give the award to the friendliest dog in Toronto.

The third judge whom we got to talk to is Suzana Curcija. She also has plenty of experience with dogs by working as a behavior consultant. At the moment she has two dogs, which are named Kingsley and Bella. Out of these two dogs, Bella has some unique qualities. In fact, Suzana uses Bella to socialize other dogs. She is up for any challenge as well. On the other hand, Kingsley loves puppies and is an adorable character. Living with these two dogs has delivered a lot of experiences to Suzana. It has even helped her to get into the judging panel of the Toronto’s Top Dog contest.

As per Suzana, a well-balanced dog should be the winner of this years Toronto’s Top Dog. She pays special attention towards the confidence of dogs. In fact, she strongly believes that a dog should be confident enough to win an award like Toronto’s Top Dog. Therefore, she will keep that fact in mind when selecting her nominees for Toronto’s Top Dog.

As you can see, these three* people have different backgrounds, where all of them are related to dogs. Therefore, they will be able to contribute in the decision making for helping decide the top 28 dogs without any hesitation.

*We were unable to interview our fourth judge in the contest – Ashley from T.E.A.M Dog Rescue. You can read up more on Ashely and our other judges here.