Celebrate Your Dog | Ultimate Gift Guide for Dogs

Is it your pups Birthday coming up, got a furbrother or fursister that you want to treat or even just a furfriend. When presents are being opened on special occasions, don’t leave your pet out of the fun. The following are gift ideas for your pup.

Subscription Box, $15 – $30/month

Subscription boxes have surged in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. After all, who doesn’t love to receive surprises in the mail each month? With companies such as BarkBox, PawPack, Surprise My Pet, your dog will receive a box containing assorted treats and toys monthly. This gift is truly one that keeps on giving.

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Umbrella, $7.99

Does your dog hate rain and snow? If a simple rain jacket isn’t sufficient to keep your dog warm and dry, consider a doggy umbrella. Not only will this gift make your pet more comfortable on wet days, but it might just make your pup an Instagram star, too!

Dog Umbrella

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Heated Dog Bed, $39.99

Winter is a great time to update your dog’s worn out bed. A great gift idea is to upgrade to a heated bed, one that will keep your dog warm on even the chilliest of nights.

Heated Bed Dogs


Pajamas, $11.99

A common gift we often give to people is pajamas- the cuddlier and cuter the better! Dog pajamas are a thing, and what better time to cuddle with your pup on a cold, wet night than when the entire family is warm and cozy?

dog pyjamas


Dog Beer, $12.99 for 3

Libations are another common gift at for us to give, one tradition in which dogs typically cannot partake. However, thanks to companies like Bowser Beer, your dog can now enjoy a brew. Made from ingredients such as chicken, beef, and pork, your dog is sure to love this beverage.

Bowser Beer

Look-Alike Plush Toy, $179 – $249

If your dog is the type who would love a playmate, but is very particular about the company of other pets, consider a canine clone. These plush toys are reproduced from a picture of your pup to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Treat Gift Basket, price varies

Is your dog considered a foodie? A gift basket filled with high-value indulgences such as cheese, liver, bully sticks, and peanut butter is a good choice. Don’t have time to create the gift basket yourself? Pre-made options are also available. Just make sure your pup practices portion control to avoid an upset stomach!

Dog treat gift basket

Sniffany & Co. Dog Gift Basket

Toy Launcher, $39.99

Some dogs could chase a favorite toy or ball all day. If this is your dog, consider a ball launcher, which allows your pet to control when a toy is tossed. Not only will you save your rotator cuff, but your dog will be able to entertain herself. Win-win!



Donation, $15+

Does your dog have everything she could possibly need? If your pet is a philanthropist, consider a donation in her name. There are many worthy organizations, and suggestions include the rescue or shelter from which you adopted your pet, or a local animal care facility.