Golden Retrievers - Why They Are Amazing Dogs! | Toronto Dog Walking

As one of North America’s most beloved breeds, it should come as no surprise that the Golden Retriever is consistently rated as one of the best breeds to own. A patient and obedient yet energetic and playful dog, the Golden Retriever is perfect for active families and quiet households alike.  Listed below are ten reasons why the Golden Retriever is awesome! 

Golden Retrievers are bred to have easy-going, obedient temperaments, which should come as no surprise given their consistent use as service dogs.  Combined with the fact these pups are highly food motivated, you can expect a Golden to ace all obedience lessons.  

Not only are Golden Retrievers obedient, but they are extremely athletic, as well. Masters on the agility course, the first three AKC Obedience Champions were Goldens. These dogs also make great running, hiking, and cycling partners. 

Everyone’s favorite famous Golden Retriever is Shadow from Homeward Bound, but did you know that a Golden recently lived out a similar story in real life?  In 2014, Murphy was reunited with her owners when she was found by campers in Tahoe National Forest – 20 months after she went missing.  

Water loving
Goldens were bred to retrieve game for hunters, including ducks and other water fowl. For this reason they have natural water loving instincts, which makes them perfect for anyone who loves to fish, swim, or hike near water. 

4th smartest dog
Golden Retrievers have been ranked the fourth smartest dog among all dog breeds based on their ability to learn and repeat basic obedience commands quickly.  This fact should come as no surprise for anyone who has ever owned a Golden!

Family Dog
Part of the breed standard for Golden Retrievers is that they be patient, confident, friendly, and kind – especially with children.  Few other breeds are as suited to the hustle and bustle of family life.  

Good with Animals
Another reason Golden Retrievers are awesome is that they are tolerant and kind to all species, not just humans.  Besides getting along with other dogs, cats, rabbits, and farm animals, Golden Retrievers have even been known to adopt animals from other species as their own.  Take for instance Lily, a Golden, who adopted Dusty, an orphaned kangaroo in Australia.  

Two World Records
Golden Retrievers hold two notable world records:  highest number of tennis balls held in one dog’s mouth, and loudest bark.  Augie, a Golden Retriever from Texas, currently holds the world record for holding five tennis balls in his mouth.  Charlie, a Golden from Australia, holds the world record for loudest bark, which registered at 113 decibels. Fortunately for Charlie’s owners he also knows the command “quiet”!

Good actors
Since the early 1980’s, Golden Retrievers have been among the most popular acting dogs. Featured in television shows such as Full House and Punky Brewster, as well as movies like Homeward Bound and Air Bud, Golden Retrievers have proved they are worthy stars. 

Most popular assistance breed
Golden Retrievers make up the majority of service dogs world-wide and are recognized as superior guide dogs, hearing dogs, mobility assistance dogs, seizure alert dogs, medical alert dogs, and emotional support animals.  They also are commonly used in search and rescue.  

Do you own a golden? Let us know why you think they are awesome!