Holiday Gift Guide For Dogs

The holidays are a special time for spending with (and spoiling) family, friends, and loved ones. For many pet owners, dogs are not exempt from the excitement of gift giving. What is under the tree for your pet this year? Listed below are a few of our top picks for your dog!

Gourmet Dog Food

Pawfectly Prepared

Pawfectly Prepared

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day are all holidays with a reputation for good food and good drink. Why not indulge your dog in a change of dining routine? For example, Pawfectly Prepared offers four gourmet dining options for your pet, including beef, turkey, chicken, and meat ball bowls. Each meal is lovingly comprised of 50% human-grade meat, and is safe for human consumption. No concern about food recalls or tainted ingredients here! Besides meat, Pawfectly Prepared meals include plenty of fruits and vegetables such as apples, blueberries, kale, peas, carrots, parsley, and pumpkin. Each meal is rounded out with eggs, sunflower oil, quinoa and brown rice to give your pet all the necessary nutrients he or she needs.

Holiday Sweater

Ugly Christmas Dog Sweater

Another common Christmas gift is clothing, particularly the type that keep loved ones warm and cozy. If your dog is young, small, or short-haired, chances are that your pet would enjoy a nice holiday sweater, as well. Chilly Dog Sweaters has plenty of styles to choose from, ranging from traditional to festive. Each sweater is fair trade and hand made from 100% wool that is colored with natural plant dyes, made by artisans from South America. Not only will your dog stay warm, but he or she will be fashionable and ethical as well!



Interactive Dog Toys

What else says Christmas besides great food and warm clothes? Toys, of course! Just like human children, dogs require toys for mental stimulation and to fulfill natural drives, such as chewing, chasing, and relieving stress. There is no better way to meet these needs than to give your pet an interactive dog toy. These games range from simple to complex, and all are mentally engaging ways to keep your dog entertained.

If your pet prefers simple games, the Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid is a great option. Just fill the bottom-weighted toy with training treats or kibble and let your dog determine how to topple the toy to release the treats.

If your pet is smarter than your average dog, consider the Jigsaw Glider instead. This puzzle hides four treats throughout the interlocking mechanisms of the toy. Your dog must figure out how to slide the puzzle pieces away from one another to reveal the prize.

If that toy proves too easy, try the Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog Tornado. This puzzle is among the top boredom-busting toys for dogs, thanks to its high level of difficulty. Three disc-shaped tiers each hide a treat, and your dog must spin the discs in just the right way to reveal the reward. No matter your dog’s skill level, there is an interactive toy that is perfect for your pup!

dog pyramid

Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid