How to keep your pup safe this Halloween! | Toronto Dog Walking

Halloween is an exciting time for us to celebrate with friends and family but for your pup it can be an extremely upsetting and terrifying experience with all the loud noises, change in their surroundings and everything that goes with Halloween experience. The number of dogs that go missing are 70% higher around Halloween.

So what can you do to keep your dog safe, happy and content this Halloween?
Preparation is key! Bring your dog out for a good long walk during the day so they will be happy and content to relax at home during the festivities. If you don’t have time to walk your dog during the day seek help from a family member, neighbour or a dog walker so your pup can get the necessary exercise.
Keep Your Dog Inside – If you normally let your dog free roam in the yard or garden, bring them inside so they feel safe. If you have a doggy door ensure its locked so he can’t go outside. If you need to take your dog for a potty break, do so on leash and make sure its a short amount of time. Some dogs won’t want to go outside if this is the case don’t make them.
Identification Tags – Make sure your dog is wearing his collar with his identification tags and that his microchip details are up to date.
Block Out Noise & Lights – Close all your windows, pull your curtains and turn up the television or radio to drown out the noises and flashes from the fireworks.
Safe Place – If your dog favours a spot like under a table, a closed off corner in the room, under a bed or in his crate. Let him be! He feels safe here so don’t try and take him out to comfort him, he feels safe here so leave him there!
Stay at home – Try not leave your pup at home alone during these times. Stay at home with them to reassure them that its all ok. Let them see you are still doing the same things you usually would. If your dog seeks comfort from you let them be beside you or cuddle of the sofa.
Provide Distractions – Frozen filled kongs or games are a great way to distract your pup. Some dogs fears levels may be too high to engage with a game or what a treat so give them the option of what they want to do.
Costumes – Not all dogs like to dress up in costumes. Please don’t force your dog to wear a costume if he’s not comfortable. Avoid bringing your dog to the door to greet trick or treaters if they are wearing a costume as with all the festivities happening outside he will very easily react and its easier to manage the situation than put your pup in a situation he is not comfortable with.  

What do you do to help your pup with fireworks? Have you successfully desensitized your dog to noises such as fireworks? Please comment and let us know!