How to Make a Lick Mat for Your Dog - Dog Enrichment

If you are reading this you are a pawsome dog pawrent! Dog enrichment is an amazing way to keep your dog mentally happy, stimulated and of all else can keep them out of trouble ha!

You maybe looking for enrichment games for one of the following reasons. You looking to make your dogs mealtimes last longer? Your dog is on medical rest and can’t walk so looking for some mental stimulation? Or looking to keep them busy while you have guests over or during holiday firework celebrations?

This lick mat can be made in under a minute.

What you will need

  1. A BPA Free mat or mold. The one here is from IKEA and costs $1.99
  2. Meat or other forms of food/treats
  3. Treats optional
  4. Your dog 🙂

How to make (prep 1 minute)

Divide up your dogs meat into each of the mold. Place the treats into each mold if you desire. You can also place vegetables or other dog treats in the mold and freeze them to make it last longer. Then serve to your dog as is or frozen. Bon Appetit!

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