How to Potty Train Your Puppy | Tips To Set Your Pup Up For Success!

Are you having trouble potty training your new puppy? It can be difficult housebreaking your puppy but if you follow these guidelines it will help set your pup up for success. In every aspect of training your pup you need to make sure your pup has the best chance of succeeding.

You should start keeping a diary of when your pup is peeing & pooping. Keeping a diary will help you track when your dog needs to go potty; you should start to see a trend and able to predict when he will need to go.

Feeding Schedule

Most puppies will be eating 3 times a day. It is important that you do not open feed your pup; leaving a full bowl down for your dog to graze during the day means that he will eat when he wants which will mean he will have to poop at different times of the day. Keeping a diary and keeping on schedule with feeding then you should expect potty breaks at certain times of the day.

You should limit your pups access to water if your going to leave your pup for a few hours or before he goes to bed. Most pups will need to go potty 20 minutes after they have drank water. You should bring your pup outside so they can go potty after they have had access to water.

Accidents in the House

Puppies are like babies and you need to treat them this way. If you cannot see your puppy or can’t stay in the same room as them then they need to be placed in a safe place – crate, play pen, gated off area etc to limit the chance of them having an accident in an unwanted area. If you see your pup starting to pee you need to interrupt them (clap your hands) then immediately bring them to the¬†designated¬†area for peeing. Do not scold your pup for peeing inside, a simple interruption and bringing them to the right spot will help your pup learn.

If you leave your pup free to roam and you return to find your pup has had an accident DO NOT scream, scold, give out to your pup. They do not make the association to something that they did an hour ago (or even a minute ago), YES they might look guilty but that is because you are scolding them and they are confused and or afraid because you are yelling at them and whatever actions they are displaying this is what you are scolding i.e happy to see that mommy is home.

Crate Training

Crate Training is a great way to housebreak your puppy. Pups tend not to make a mess where they sleep unless they badly need to or feeling unwell. Here are some tips for crate training your pup. You can also set up a play pen or gated off area in your house to keep your puppy while you are away and they have access to pee pads in emergency.

Praise – Positive Reinforcement

This is the most important aspect of potty training your pup. When your pup successfully pees outside then you want to shower them in praise and give them a treat to tell them how wonderful they are. You need to make a big deal for them; they are being awesome and learning where is the place to go potty.

Remember the trick to potty training is always praise & never scold!

Puppy Potty Diary

We have created a puppy potty diary that will help you help your pup in setting them up for success; by having regular mealtimes your puppy’s potty activities should be consistent. Tracking your pups bathroom habits it should make potty breaks predictable and reduce the accidents your pup may have.


Puppy Potty Training