How to Spend St Patricks Day With Your Dog! | Toronto Dog Walking

If you have a dog, you can’t possibly expect yourself to enjoy at any pub during St. Patrick’s Day, because Ireland is known for not having dog-friendly pubs or restaurants. However, that should never stop you from celebrating this beautiful day with the one, who probably loves you more than anybody else in this world. If you love your dog and have no plans to leave him alone at home, here are the top five ways in which you can spend this wonderful day with him by your side:

Visit a nice parade with him: What can be better than taking your dog out for a nice walk? But why just a normal walk, when you can take him to a nice St. Patrick’s parade? Of course, there are many parades that allow all the pet owners to come with their cutie-pies and enjoy the show!

Search for a dog-friendly Café, where you can spend some good time with him: No doubt Ireland has no dog-friendly pubs and restaurants, but you can try harder and find a nice café, where you and your dog can relax together. While you sip on coffee, let him take a walk around and meet the others like him in the cafe. You can also feed him some chicken on your way home.

Take him out for a walk, but dress him up for this day: There are many shops, which provide you with awesome St. Patrick’s Day costumes for your little beast. If you can spend a little bit of money, buy a nice costume for him, get him dressed and let him flaunt his new outfit on the streets. Let the others notice his beauty and the kind of love you have for him!

Drink beer together: Instead of drinking alone at home, fill your cart with some dog beer, the next time you visit the Wine Shop. Dog beer has gained a lot of prominence in the markets of Ireland as well. You both can dress up in the same color while drinking beer and relaxing at home.

Take him out for shopping with you: If you have been thinking to go on shopping, make this day special for him. Instead of shopping for yourself, buy a few things for him. Let him choose a new toy or a new flavor of dog food!

What are your plans with your pup this St. Patrick’s Day?