Christmas tree decorations are a unique representation of the household. Hobbies, children’s art projects, and special sentiments are all typically depicted on the tree. Since your puppy probably isn’t making holiday crafts at daycare to hang on your Christmas tree, why not make your own special dog (or cat) ornament at home?

Photo Ornament with Bow

This ornament is simple to make and is a great addition to your tree. Items you will need:

· Digital photo of your pet
· Cardstock
· Bow
· Glue
· Hole Punch
· Ribbon

Simply print out a photo of your dog onto thick cardstock, and affix the bow with glue below the photo. Then, use a hole punch to create a hole at the top of the photo. String a piece of ribbon through the hole and make a knot of the two ends, such that you can hang the ornament.

Paw Print Ornament with Bow

Alternatively, instead of printing a photo and using it as a Christmas tree decoration, you can use your dog’s paw print instead. Instructions are the same as above, except that you will create a print of your dog using non-toxic water-based paint. A simple recipe that you can make at home calls for powdered drink mix, such as Kool-Aid. Pour the powdered mixture into a bowl and add enough water to form a paste and apply an even coat to your dog’s paw. Then, place the paw on a piece of cardstock to create the perfect print.

Photo/Paw Print in a Snow Globe

If you would like to create a more wintry scene for your pet’s photo or paw print, consider this fun craft instead. You will need:

· Clear plastic bulb ornament (found in craft stores)
· Photo/Paw Print
· Fake Snow
· Ribbon (optional)

After you have printed the photo or created the paw print, carefully place the item inside the plastic ornament, along with the fake snow to create the illusion of a snow globe. Once you have finished, you can adorn the top of the plastic bulb with a beautiful ribbon for a festive touch.

Salt Dough Paw Print Ornament

Creating a paw print out of clay is an especially adorable option if you have similar decorations of a child’s hand. You can create dough at home with the following items:

· 1 cup salt
· 1 cup flour
· ½ cup water
· Drinking Glass or Cookie Cutter
· Drinking Straw
· Ribbon
· Paint (optional)

First, pre-heat the oven to 100o C. Next, combine the salt, flour, and water in a bowl until the dough becomes firm. Next, roll out the dough and use a glass or cookie cutter to create circular cut-outs. Then, place your dog’s paw firmly into the dough to create a paw print. Near the top of the ornament, create a hole for ribbon by poking a hole in the material with a drinking straw. Bake the ornament for 2 hours, or until the dough is completely dry. Finally, paint the ornament, if desired, and use ribbon to hang the decoration.