Pet Concierge

Luxury Pet Concierge Service tailored to the specific needs of the cities top pets!


Because Your Pet Deserves the Best!

Toronto Dog Walking’s Pet Concierge Services brings the a new meaning to Pet Care. Our Pet Concierge is a Luxurious 5 Star service that is tailored to meet you and the needs of your pet!

Our exclusive Pet Concierge members will receive top paw service from our team of dedicated Pet Professionals.

What to Expect?

  • Customised Services
  • Priority Access to the Concierge Desk for Bookings
  • No Waiting in Line; You Jump Straight to the Top of the Line
  • On Demand Services
  • Exclusive Member Services
  • Monthly Gift Package for your Pet
  • Dedicated Pet Concierge Team
  • No Last Minute Fees or Charges
  • No Service Restrictions
  • Pet Celebrations such as Birthdays, Graduation, Blessings and more

Pet Concierge Application Form