Pet Insurance Cost Comparison Toronto, Ontario | By Dog Breed & Age

It’s not easy to think about your precious dog getting involved in an accident or having an illness, but that’s why it’s important to own pet insurance in case the unthinkable happens. This is why we prepared a chart and compiled some information for you so you will have an idea of the cost of pet insurance in Ontario and what to expect from the main pet insurance providers.

For a thorough and accurate comparison and analysis for your beloved dog’s insurance, we have gathered quotes and information from several pet insurance companies: CAA Pets, Toronto Humane Society (THS), PC/Petline Insurance, Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA),  Pet Secure, GO PET Plan, and Trupanion.

Just a heads up: PC Insurance let us know that while they are no longer selling pet insurance, their packages, coverage and general info still stands for their current customers who have already purchased their pet insurance. When you call their number you will be automatically directed to Petline Insurance, which covers a number of different pet insurance companies, such as Petsecure, OVMA, Desjardins, Personal Pet Insurance, CAA Pets, Hudson’s Bay Pet Insurance, THS, and Nova Scotia SPCA Pet Health.

Most of the pet insurance companies we looked at had the same or similar amount of accident and illness cover as well as general quote information. However, it’s important to note that GO PET PLAN did not have a separate accident cover, but the illness cover went up higher than most other companies, as well as offering an unlimited option. Of all the companies we looked at, CAA Pets and PC insurance did not offer unlimited coverage options for illness or accidents. One company that stood out in terms of illness coverage is GO PET PLAN which offers coverage plans up to $25,000 leading up to the unlimited option.

The Comparison

We compared quotes for different dog breeds and ages based on popular dog breeds in Toronto and a variety of ages for accurate analysis: A 3-year-old Golden Retriever, 6-year-old English Cocker Spaniel, 3-month old Goldendoodle, and 10-year old Shih tzu. Based on the quotes, CAA Pets had the lowest monthly costs, while Pet Secure stood out as the most reliable in terms of having the smallest difference between the quotes. For example, GO PET’s cheapest plan goes from $25.29 for a 3 month old Goldendoodle to a $101.98 for 10-year-old Shih tzu, which is a big difference, and something to consider if your pet is in the adult-senior age bracket. Pet Secure and CAA Pets seem to have the best rates for quotes.

pet insurance comparison ontario


It’s important to note that, out of all the companies, only CAA Pets, GO PET and Trupanion offer 90% reimbursement options while most companies only offer 80%. As for discounts when purchasing a plan, CAA Pets, THS and PC offer the best discounts while we couldn’t find any discounts available for Pet Secure and Trupanion.

Speaking of Trupanion, they offer Unlimited accident and Unlimited illness cover, for as many times in the year as your beloved dog would need it, which is remarkable. However, we should note that Trupanion insurance does NOT cover taxes, exam fees, as well as wellness and preventative care. (Taxes also not covered for OVMA). If you wish to cover unforeseen events, alternative and rehabilitative therapies, and extra protection for breeding dogs, these are available at an extra cost. Considering the high prices, Trupanion is definitely for those with a bigger budget who want to cover all their bases.

Unfortunately, none of these companies cover for pre-existing conditions of your pet.

Our Findings

Based on all these findings, the ones that stood out were CAA Pets (for those with smaller budget) and PET Secure for the amount of options and getting your money’s worth. It’s also helpful to note that Pet Secure and GO Pet had the most user-friendly websites, complete with testimonials and reviews, with the latter offering a 24 hour live chat with a friendly staff member for help! However, for those who are new to the pet insurance world, and find all this information a little overwhelming, it seems that Petline Insurance is the best option as they represent a variety of these pet insurance companies and can offer you the best plan most suitable for you and your furry pal’s needs. Good Luck!

Who is your pet insurance provider and what is the biggest concern when selecting a pet insurer?