Have you ever considered creating a replica of your – or a friend’s – pet? With Petsies, this thoughtful (and adorable) gift idea can come to life.

What is Petsies?

Petsies is a company that specializes in creating unique, handmade stuffed animals that serve as replicas of a beloved pet. Designers and seamstresses hand-sew every detail of your Petsie to ensure it matches your pet’s likeness as closely as possible. In addition to dogs and cats, Petsies can create replicas of any animal, no matter the size.

How Does Petsies Work?

To create a Petsies plush, you simply take and upload photos of your dog to the Petsies website. Then, their designers and seamstresses get to work. In 5 – 7 weeks you receive the replica of your or a friend’s pet.

What Kind of Petsies are Available?

The Petsies Huggables collection creates a huggable, 100% plush version of your pet in a characteristic stuffed animal style. Soft polyester furs, custom noses, and large eyes complete the look. This option is perfect to give as a gift to an animal lover or to a child to commemorate the bond between of a favorite pet. The Petsies Huggables is also the most affordable option, at $149.

The Petsies Forever collection is a more detailed version of your pet. The smallest details of your pet’s appearance are captured and airbrushed by the design team. The fur used is premium, polyester materials that are more realistic and durable. Speciality noses and eyes complete the look. This option is ideal for memorializing a lost pet or seeing how your animal would react to his or her mirror image! The Petsies Forever stuffed animal is $199.

Do you have a favorite animal internet personality that you follow on social media? Chances are that he or she has a Petsies Star Huggable plush for you to purchase. Additionally, if your pet has an internet following of his or her own you can join the Petsies Rising Star program and be on your way to selling replicas of your celebrity pet.

Who is Petsies For?

Ultimately, Petsies are a great way to commemorate the bond you share with your pet. If your dog isn’t a threat to the safety of stuffed animals, this toy would even make a great birthday or holiday gift for your pet. Children who travel frequently can find comfort in being able to bring along their favorite pet, even if only in plush form. Pet owners who have recently lost their dog or cat will find comfort in having a replica nearby. Every pet owner or animal lover will take delight in these intricately detailed products.

For more information and see more custom creations visit Petsies Online!