Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Small Dog

One of the best parts of Halloween is picking out the perfect outfit for your pet; especially if you plan to attend a Halloween get together or go for a walk during Trick-or-Treat. Small dogs can pull off different types of costumes than their larger counterparts, and 10 of the best small pet costumes are listed below.

Teddy Bear

teddy bearThis costume is not only cute, but easy to make at home, too. Simply make a cut in the back of a teddy bear, remove the stuffing (except for in the arms), and cut a hole in the face and legs of the stuffed animal for your pet to wear. This costume idea works great with other stuffed animals, as well!


Hot Dog

hot dogA hot dog costume is especially cute for Dachshunds or other long-bodied pets. Best of all, this costume does not involve placing anything on your pet’s head, which can be stressful for some animals. Costume can be purchased here.




TacoAnother easy costume for a small dog that can be worn as an ode to the dog’s heritage is a taco. This costume is great for Chihuauhuas, and can be made at home using pieces of felt wrapped beneath the dog.




LatteFor super small dogs, a cute costume can cost as little as your favorite latte. Simply wrap a piece of white construction paper lengthwise around your pet and affix a sleeve from your favorite coffee shop. Save an extra lid for a cute hat. If you’re not feeling crafty, you can purchase a version here, as well.


Chia Pet

chia  petTurning your pup into a chia pet is easy, especially if your dog already enjoys wearing sweaters. Simply take a sweater and cover it with fake plants. For added effect, you can add terra cotta colored sleeves to each of your dog’s legs. Just make sure your dog doesn’t try to eat it’s costume!


Beanie Baby

beanie babyAnother adorable option for a dog is to turn him or her into a Beanie Baby. This costume is easy, and simply involves making a large, heart shaped “ty” tag out of cardboard and affixing it to your pet’s collar.




mummyHave you ever found out at the last minute that you and your dog were invited to a Halloween costume party but you have nothing for your pet to wear? A mummy costume is especially easy on a small dog, as it requires little more than a few strips of white fabric, gauze, or even toilet paper wrapped loosely around your dog’s body.




alligatorThere are few things funnier than dogs dressed as other animals. This adorable costume is perfect for tiny pets, and can be purchased here.





sharkIf you like the idea of dressing your dog as a sea creature, but aren’t keen on paying for a costume, consider a shark instead. This costume is as easy as attaching a fin to a blue or grey hooded dog sweater, and adding teeth to the hood.




ETFinally, if your dog enjoys riding in your bike basket, why not wrap him or her up in a towel as ET? This is especially adorable for a Chihuahua or Chinese Crested dog.