Everyday is a day to celebrate your dog! Do you work long hours and looking to set you pup up with a fun filled day? If so, the following are ways that he or she can spoil your pup every day! 

Off-Leash Play

Off-leash freedom is a luxury for most pets, especially if they are hound breeds that cannot be trusted not to chase woodland critters.  Inquire with your dog walker whether he or she would be willing to make a detour to a nearby area where off-leash play is permitted, such as a dog park.  This special treat will certainly make your dog’s day!

Hike & Adventure

While your dog walker does his or her best to keep your pet mentally engaged by varying the walking routes, there will always be a new adventure waiting to happen.  To spoil your dog on Valentine’s Day, see if your dog walker would be willing to take your pet on a new adventure, such as by checking out a nearby trail system or park.  Your dog will appreciate the opportunity to experience new sights and smells.

dog walking adventure

Cuddle Time

What could be better than extra cuddles?  Your dog walker can spoil your dog by giving your dog additional cuddle time at the end of the walk.  Five minutes of post-walk cuddles will be a relaxing treat for both your dog and the walker!

Extended Play Time

Does your dog like to play?  Many dog walkers offer play time with their dog walking packages.  If your pet has a favorite toy or ball, ask your dog walker to spoil your pet by engaging in an extended play session before, during, or after the walk.  Your pup will think it’s her lucky day!

dog cuddle

Play a Special Game

Dogs enjoy certain games based on their individual strengths and weaknesses.  Is your dog a herder?  He or she would enjoy going to a local trail where geese congregate and “herding” the birds.  Is your dog a scent hound?  This pet would have fun playing a game of “hide and go treat” where your dog walker hides treats around the house or yard for your dog to find.  Is your pet a rescuer?  He or she would enjoy playing a game of hide and go seek.  Whatever activities your pet enjoys, your dog walker can spoil your dog by playing a special game together after the walk.


One of the best parts about your day after a walk is the excuse to eat chocolates and candy. Since neither of these treats is good for dogs, ask your dog walker to give your pet a special treat during his or her visit.  You can either pick up a seasonal treat from a local dog bakery, or bake your own treats at home.

Have we missed anything on the list that we can do to spoil your pup? Let us know!