How to Brush Your Dogs Teeth Without A Toothbrush - Dog Dental Hygiene

A transcript of an interview with Blue Stem Oral Care.

Okay. Hi. So we are from The Bark Show. We’re doing a live Facebook show today. We’re just going around and just interviewing vendors of other company and the products that they carry. So please let us-


… know what you’re carrying.

For sure. So we have bluestem oral care products here. They’re all made in Canada. So bluestem products, they’re targeting plague and tartar buildup in pet’s mouths, also freshening their breath. So we always suggest for pet owners they need to do some kind of oral care routine, to pick the option that they’re going to do the most often. So we have a toothpaste right here, it’s chicken flavored toothpaste, comes with a dual-headed toothbrush inside. We also have an oral spray that they can use once a day on either side of their mouth or a water additive and it comes in three different flavors. So for picky pets, they can go with our original unflavored water additive. It has no color, no taste, no scent. You just slip it into their water daily and it helps to break down all that hard plague and tartar buildup on their teeth, and freshen their breath.


Oh. So it’s not just for bad breath, it’s actually doing the work at the same time.

It does, yes. It’ll break down all those hard minerals that have built up in their tartar and pull them out of the tartar. Chelates them and that way it’s a lot softer, so you can go in there with toothbrush or bones and toys, and it will take off a lot more of that tartar.

Oh, wow. Because that’s the one thing with dogs. No dogs really likes having their teeth brushed unless you got it down from an early age or unless you put the work in.

Yeah. If you haven’t started at an early age and you’re finding it too difficult to brush your dog’s teeth, you can use something else and it’ll still be effective.

And how long would you think if you bought the one for the water, how long would it actually last? [ bottle]

This is going to last a medium-sized dog about a month.



Our oral spray goes a little bit further and it’ll last about three months.

That’s great.

And what’s the cost of them?

The water additives sell for $20. The oral spray is $25. And our toothpaste, toothbrush combo pack is $15.

Great prices.

Oh, wow. So where can people find out more about yourselves and where if they want to buy? Are they in pet stores? Is it online?

Yup. They can purchase our product on our store,, or they can find us at Pet Valu, Global Pet Foods, tons of independent retailers here in the GTA and

Well, it’s on Amazon, it’s all good.

That’s amazing. Thank you so much for your time today.

Thank you.