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All the family read your daily reports and really enjoy it! — Christian



Thank you so much for taking care of our Loki. Thanks so much for the day report, we love to hear about our little boy. I hope you guys have good time!


We had a lovely experience with Patricia!!!! She was more than a dog handler at the wedding, she was an honorary bridesmaid, she not only helped make sure our dog was behaving well and was hydrated throughout the day, she also helped me with my dress and was there to boost up my morale and her presence was comforting. She provided very frequent journals about Titan and maintain ???? communication, which is very important to me. If we ever come back to Toronto with our doggo, Titan, we will definitely be going back to Patricia. Thank you, Patricia for helping us out on our special day ❤️


I’ve been very pleased with their cat sitting service. They make sure my place is tidy and they leave detailed comments on each visit plus a photo. Being able to check the daily journey online is very handy and gives me piece of mind that my cats are doing well.


Jennifer was great! She knows my cat is afraid of people, and was ready to take a picture as soon as she opened the door before my cat hid 🙂


Megan consistently goes above and beyond in her care of Bonnie and is exceptionally skilled at managing her challenging behaviours and adapting her walks to accommodate our needs!!



Fantastic care of the dog! Thank You!!

You have a great team!


Great update! Lots of info which I LOVE!


Thank you so much Linda for making so much effort with our shy kitty. Looking forward to having you back soon!


We received such a thorough update from Maya on day 1 with pictures and we couldn’t be happier knowing that our Remy is safe and happy!


I could not be more pleased with the service that I’ve received from this company. The online profile/scheduling is so user friendly and convenient but my favorite part of the service is the daily journal of the walk with pictures without having to ask for it! I get a detailed report of the walk each time, with several pictures, and can even see when the walk is taking place. I smile every time I read them. Leighanne is so friendly and loving with my dog. I have such peace of mind now and appreciate this service so much! Love The online blog and articles as well.


We hired Toronto Dog Walking to handle our Great Dane at our wedding a few weeks ago. Patricia did an absolutely phenomenal job! She came by our apartment a week or two before our wedding to meet our dog and go over some details– and I have to say, I have never seen our dog fall in instant love with someone the way he fell in love with Patricia! Not only did Patricia make sure she and the dog were always where they were supposed to be on time or early (picking him up from doggy daycare, visiting AirBnb, checking out the venue, participating in photos)– but she managed to keep our dog happy and well behaved the whole day (which is saying a lot! Our dog has a reputation for audibly crying when he doesn’t get his way). Patricia also took a tonne of adorable pictures of his adventures. We loved reading the hilarious commentary in the online Journal. We can’t recommend Toronto Dog Walking for Wedding Services enough!!


Great people, great service! Jennifer comes to visit our two cats when we’re away, her availability always aligns and the service is excellent! I know I’m coming home to two happy kitties when TDW has been by!


The team at Toronto Dog Walking took the stress out of leaving our two young cats for two weeks for the first time. Patricia met with us in advance, her professionalism and the attention and care she gave the cats instantly put us at ease. We knew we were leaving the kitties in good hands. Even our shy one, who rarely pops his head out if a stranger is in the house, gravitated to her. While we were away, the diary entries and daily photos never left us wondering how the boys were doing. Not only did Patricia and Danica take great care of the cats, they also kept an eye on the house for us (we’d been having a water leak in the basement). They kept us updated after big rainfalls. We’re so grateful, it would have been a very different, worrisome vacation without them!


As a consultant, my position sometimes requires me to leave town for site visits that are both planned and short notice.  When friends were unable to look after Biggs. I reached out to Toronto Dog Walking.  After the initial meet-and-greet with Biggs‘ lovely potential babysitter, I was still a little uneasy leaving him alone as he was a 7 month old kitten that I have only had for a month or so.
That worry was immediately removed once I received my first ‘Journal’ entry.  I was sent an update of what was done complete with pictures of Biggs and a comment of his mood.  Since then I have had to travel a bit more and I never hesitate to reach out to Toronto Dog Walking to schedule visits.  I am a worrier so I am still hesitate leaving Biggs alone, but all of that disappears when I see the update and know Biggs is being well looked after.