Welcome To The Bark Show - The Place Where We Discuss All Things Dogs!

Welcome to the Bark Show

The Bark Show, a dedicated destination for talking about ALL THINGS DOGS!
Each week Pam & Suzana discuss dogs in the news, hot dog topics, expert interviews and Suzana will answer your dog training behaviour questions live on air!

Meet the Hosts!

Pam & Holly

Pam & Holly are the co founders of Toronto Dog Walking and love to do everything together! Pam & Holly have been both walking dogs all across Toronto since 2012. If you live in Toronto you are bound to find Pam walking doggos all across the city, be sure to say hi! You will see Holly play a cameo role throughout the shows!

Suzana & Kingsley

Suzana is the founder of I Speak Dog. She is passionate about helping dog owners and their dogs reaching their full potential. Suzana has a master’s degree in human psychology, applied behavior analysis, cognitive science and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). She has been in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) field since 2008. She is also CPDT – KA certified.

This Weeks Episode

Join us each week to talk with us about all the current dog news and get expert opinions. Got a topic or a question that you would like us to discuss drop us a message using the form below!

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