Thinking of Getting a Puppy? Here are some of the costs involved! | Toronto Dog Walking

When planning for a new puppy there are many considerations to be made.  Where will the puppy sleep?  What will the puppy eat?  What will we name the new puppy?  One consideration that is often overlooked, but equally important, is how much will caring for the puppy cost?  In order to provide the best care for your new companion, you should begin budgeting for his or her arrival.  Within the first year, expect expenses to be high as you gather all the items your puppy will need. 

The first consideration is actual cost of your new dog.  If you plan to purchase your puppy from a breeder, expect to spend anywhere from $300 – $1200 depending on breed of dog and reputation of the kennel.  If choosing to adopt your new dog, adoption fees can range from $30 – $300, depending on medical care provided.  

After you bring your new dog home, you will have to take him or her to the vet for a physical exam, vaccinations, worming, and a microchip.  Veterinary exams average $70 in most areas, but expect to pay as much as $300 after your dog has completed the vaccine and worming schedule.  You should also spay or neuter your puppy, which will cost another $400 – $600.  Finally, you will want him or her to be on a flea, tick, and heartworm preventative, which will cost $20 – $50 per month.  

Next, you should consider how much it will cost to feed your new puppy.  Small breeds require less food, and therefore incur fewer feeding costs than large breeds.  On average, a 30 lb bag of dog food costs $60 – $70, and will last 1 – 4 months.  Treats are also a necessity, especially when training puppies, and will add an extra $10 – $30 per month to your bill.

Your new dog will want to explore the world with his or her mouth and also satisfy the natural urge to play.  Chew toys are a necessity for anyone who wants to save the legs of their furniture from destruction.  Spending extra money initially on durable items is recommended.  A conservative estimate is $100 per year on dog toys.  

Training your new puppy is a necessity is you want to have a well-behaved, balanced dog. Six week obedience classes range from $100 – $300.  Despite the cost, training is one of the best investments that can be made into the long term happiness of your pet.  

Dog supplies are the next item on the list that adds to the money spent on your pet.  A comfortable bed, blanket, crate, collar, leash, identification, and grooming supplies are the bare necessities that a pet owner will require. Beds range $15 – $200; a high-quality crate goes for $45; collar/leash/identification will cost $35 – $100; and grooming supplies (including shampoo and shedding brush) will add another $50 – $100.  

Finally, additional care for your pet must be considered, such as a dog walking service, boarding, grooming, day care, or puppy care.  A single day spent with one of these professionals will cost $20 – $60.  Just one visit to one of the services listed per month will cost $240 – $720 per year.  

After the first year of your dog’s life, expect to have spent a total of $1,400 – $5,000+, assuming no emergencies arise along the way, such as injury or illness.  Although the cost of owning a pet can be high, many owners can attest that caring for a canine best friend is definitely worth the cost!