Top 5 All Natural Dog Treats

The foods that we feed our pets is important, whether that includes their daily meals or their special treats. For optimum health, dogs should consume foods and treats that have the highest quality ingredients and are free from fillers, by-products, additives, colorings, and preservatives. When it comes to dog treats, sticking to items that are labeled “all natural” and “organic” is best, particularly products with as few ingredients on the label as possible. Listed here are the top 5 all natural, limited ingredient dog treats that you can feel safe about feeding to your pet!

Gracie’s Freeze Dried Training Treats, 4 oz $9.99 USD

Freeze-dried meats are great for dogs because they offer all the benefits of raw food, without the mess. These treats do not require refrigeration, and are already cut into perfect training portions. There is only one ingredient in Gracie’s Freeze Dried Training Treats, which is raw chicken heart.


Koda Pet Papa Tatanka Natural Bison Dog Treats, 2.5 oz $10.79 USD

Many dogs love the taste of bison, which is a leaner and more nutrient dense red meat than beef. Koda Pet Papa Tatanka Natural Bison Dog Treats are comprised entirely of bison, bison organs, and bison stock. Your dog will love this treat, while you will love the peace of mind knowing there are no additives, preservatives, dyes, or colorings added to this product.

papa tatanka

Barkworthies Kangaroo Steak, 8 oz $13.58 USD

Many dogs require limited ingredient diets in order to keep stomach issues, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and gassiness, at bay. Barkworthies Kangaroo Steaks are made entirely of the pouch meat from hypoallergenic, Australian-raised kangaroo. These steaks are easy to digest, yet tough enough to keep your pet entertained while fulfilling his or her natural drive to chew.


Hare of the Dog Rabbit Jerky Treats, 2.5 oz $10.64 USD

What dog isn’t enticed by a quick moving rabbit across the yard? Now your hound dog can be in for a special treat with these 100% rabbit jerky treats. These treats are comprised of ground muscle meat, rabbit skin, and bone that is dried in order to achieve the chewy jerky consistency that dogs find irresistible.

hare of the dog rabbit jerky

Raw Paws Freeze Dried Beef Liver, 3 lbs $63.99

Finally, no dog can resist beef liver. These freeze dried treats contain one ingredient, which is liver from USA raised all natural beef. Each treat contains only 8 calories, which makes these light and chewy morsels perfect for training or providing a dog his or her allotment of 10% daily organ meat. As an added bonus, these treats are great for cats, too!

dried beef liver