Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2017
The American kennel club have released the top 10 most popular dog breeds for 2017. What was the most popular breed for 2017? What would you think it was? I’m surprised and taken back by the breed as it doesn’t reflect all the new puppies that come into our lives at Toronto Dog Walking. The most popular dog breed is…

1. The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever has been leading the way as the top dog for the last 27 years. What makes labs so popular is their personality, their goofy demeanor and they make a great family pet. I also think marketing plays a huge role in the popularity of the Labrador retriever as they are at the forefront of television ads and always portrayed on tv as the family dog. Labrador retrievers are super food motivated and I’m sure if you own a lab you will agree. A Lab will work as hard as you want them to as long as the food rewards keep coming! If you are getting a lab you will need to put aside at least 2 hours a day of exercise. If you don’t exercise them, be prepared for them to make their own entertainment and say goodbye to your favourite furnishings and shoes! Fun fact: Labs come in 3 colours (black, chocolate & yellow), but it does not take two chocolate labs to make chocolate lab puppies. A litter can contain all three types of Labrador Retrievers.

labrador retriever

2. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd takes silver medal as the second most popular breed. These guys lead the way as police dogs. They are number one, fearless and bred to be a service dog. They are super athletic and very easy to train. Their bite is one of the hardest bites only coming in second place to the Rottweiler. But don’t let that interfere in your decision to get a German shepherd, they are super lovable and will snuggle up on thwith sofa with you. They do well in apartment living but you will need to commit to a daily exercise regime of a couple of hours. German shepherds need to have a job to do. They need to walk alot, tons of mental stimulation, a dog walker or day care. They will get bored wothout exercise and destroy your house. I have personally seen results of german shepherds chewing their way through dry wall. Their training is top notch and they will do anything to please their owner and willing to work super hard to do so. Fun Fact: Hitler owneed a german shepherd. They were dogs who he used for protection.

German Shepherd

3. Golden Retrievers

These guys have been popular since the 1930s and were the first ever American obedience champion. They love to please their families and are willig to work. They are bred for helping hunters in helping retrive water fowel. They have such a gentle mouth and can pick up a raw egg in their mouth without cracking the egg. They can be extremely mouthy as puppies as you will need to do a lot of work on bite inhibition before you run into problems. Golden Retrievers are number 3 on the Bite List only ahead of the German Shepherd and the Chow Chow for unprovoked attacks on humans. Do not skimp on the training while they are young, lots of socialisation and exposure is a necessity. Fun Fact If you feed them too much they will pack on the pounds. They love to run and need exercise and without it you will have a overweight pup.

Golden Retriever

4. French Bulldog / Frenchies

Super popular breed within cities such as LA, San Francisco New York, Toronto.They are perfect apartment and condo dogs as they are a nice small dog and tend not do not bark. They have risen in popularity and were originally on the list at 76. Frenchies have really bad breathing issues and tend not to do well in climates where it is extremely hot. They are not the type of dog who will be running around playing fetch all day. It is becoming more popular now for the French Bulldog to undergo a surgical procedure to get their noise widened, vets tends to do this while they are getting fixed. If you are looking to get a Frenchie, you are looking at a high expense. The reason behind this is is that Frenchies cannot mate with their partner and they need to be artifically inseminated and can’t give birth naturally and will need a ceseraraian section. Do not purchase a French Bulldog off sites like craigslist or kijiji. Always make sure the paperwork is in order. Fun Fact about frenchies: They are not from France, they are from England and are a cross mix of a dwarfed bulldog mixed with a pug and a terrier. They were kept as pets by lace makers who loved to have a companion dog.

french bulldog

5. Bulldogs

Their personality is just amazing. They are man made dogs, designed to look exactly the way they do. They guys do not like exercise, they do not like to swim, they are stubborn. Training is not the easiest. The English bulldog is happy to snuggle up on the couch all day watching Netflix. They also do not do well in the heat. Fun Fact: Because the pant alot and breath through their mouths at the same time they are prone to alot of farting!

English Bulldog

Rounding out the top 10 dog breeds for 2017 are:

6. Beagle


7. Poodle


8. Rottweiler


9. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

10. German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

Very surprised to see no labradoodle, goldendoodle or some kind of doodle on the list. It will be very interesting to see the Canadian List when it comes out. I want to know if the breed description is accurate for your dog. Also if you have a bulldog and they like exercise, let us know!