The city of Toronto requires that if you own a dog you are required to purchase an annual license. Recently while our team has been out walking the lovely pooches of Toronto we have noticed a significant increase in the amount of dog by law enforcement officers in the parks stopping dog walkers and owners alike to check if their dogs have their current license tag and rabies tag.

Why the sudden surge in checks?

There hasn’t been anything formal issued from the city of Toronto but generally in my experience there are certain times of year when the city puts focus and more resources into patrolling dog parks. In all the years of walking dogs I have never once been approached by a enforcement officers while walking through neighbourhoods of Toronto, they seem to focus all their efforts in dog parks as it’s more opportune for them to get results. In previous years similar campaigns from the city have been implemented by having plain clothes officers inspect dogs at dog parks as normally you will spot an enforcement officer in their vehicle and uniform.

What is the purpose of the license?

The city of Toronto outlines the benefits of having a dog tag that to how your dogs microchip works. The license works as identification for you pup. If you dog goes missing or lost it’s easy for them to return your pet home, if your pet is involved in an emergency they know how to contact their furparents.

What happens to the money when you pay for a licence?

The City uses 100% of that money paid for licences to pay for the care of more than 6,000 pets in their care. The city has stated that funds go towards food and shelter and spaying of pets in their care, 24/7 on call support for emergency animal rescues, returning lost pets, finding new homes for dogs seeking adoption and much more.

How can I get a license?

You can get a license online by visiting and purchase or renew a license with your credit card. You can also register for a license by phone, mail and inperson. All the application details can be found here.

What happens if I don’t have a license on my dog?

Your dog is required by Toronto City by laws to wear his license tag at all times. If you dog does not have a license you will be subject to a fine of $240.

More information about the by laws visit

Toronto City Dog By Law