Toronto Dogs are Celebrating Canada Day in Style!

When you see the Toronto Dogs pulling out all the stops for Canada Day celebrations you just have to share it with others everyone.

Pooches all across the city of Toronto are showing how proud they are to be Canadians and celebrating the joyous occasion is with their fur friends and humans. The city of Toronto is awash of red and white pawsomeness this weekend.

Many of the city dogs maybe celebrating indoors today in Pawfectly cool temperatures but that won’t stop them from shining.

Ms Charmin @ms.charmin the Maltese, fashion loving girl wearing a dress fit for a princess.

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Lucy @lucyofkingwest the mini shih tzu pack a punch of cuteness wearing a bandana and ribbon ensemble

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Horton McSnorton @Hortonmcsnorton being as Canadian as Canadian gets showing his pride with a tribute to the Mounties of this great county.

Rems @remsandshmends is all set with his casual look for wining this weekend at the cottage repping his Canadian hat

Billie @billiebootspwd rocking his pride and letting you know Canada is number 1. Beaming with pride to be living with pawsome Canadian people and dogs alike!

Bacon @baconthedoggers is literally wearing his love for Canada on his chest! Bacon is chilling this Canada Day long weekend surrounded by all things Canadian

Atti & Pixel @teensytwins The fun loving, cutesome twosome originally from the US but are very proudly Canadian. The mini duo are sporting their Canadian tees so proudly eh!

Tootsie @Tootsiethebulldog Celebrating Canada Day the only way a bulldog knows how to! And that is draped in red and white while having a snooze on the deck #Canadianthroughandthrough

Oreo @thatshihtzuoreo is dressed to impress all the fellow Canadian shih tzus is his bow tie/tie combo!

Archer @iggiesofcanada If Archers handle doesn’t give away how proud he is to be a Canadian eh I don’t know what does. This is Archers first Canada day and he is doing it in style

Remember Canada Day can be scary for so many pups, here are some tips to make Canada Day a pawsome one!