How to Spend Valentine’s Day with your Dog

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you may be looking for ideas on how to best spoil your pup on this holiday.  Listed here are ways to get the most out of time spent with your dog on February 14th.

New Bling

Your dog’s collar and leash should be checked and replaced regularly, in order to avoid dangerous malfunctions that could lead to your pet escaping without proper identification.  What better day to gift your dog a new leash or collar than on Valentine’s Day?  To make the occasion extra special, take your dog to the pet store and have him or her help you pick out the new accessories.


Spend the day pampering your dog.  Does he or she enjoy being groomed?  Spend an extra 5 – 10 minutes brushing your pet’s fur.  Does your dog enjoy paw massages?  Pick up a moisturizing paw cream and treat your pup to a spa treatment. If your pet enjoys the attention, consider painting her nails a fun spring color.

Fancy Feast

Humans enjoy sugary treats and fancy dinners on Valentine’s Day, many of which are off-limits to pets.  Make your dog’s day special by preparing an indulgent meal for your dog, such as a chicken breast or hamburger.  Consider baking special Valentine’s Day themed dog treats as well, such as heart shaped cookies.


What dog doesn’t like a massage?  Canine massages promote proper blood flow, pain relief, lymphatic drainage, and relaxation, and can easily be performed at home.  Start by making long strokes from your dog’s head to the base of his or her tail.  Next, apply gentle pressure to your dog’s legs by squeezing them with your hands.  Work all the way down to your dog’s paws in this manner.  Then, make circular motions with your thumbs on areas of your dog such as hips, on either side of your dog’s spine, and on your dog’s neck and face.  Finish the massage in the same way as you began, again by making long, broad strokes across the body.

Favorite Outdoor Activity

Is there a particular activity that your dog enjoys, one that he or she does not get to partake in frequently because of busy schedules or frigid (to you) weather?  Treat your dog to this favorite activity on Valentine’s Day as a way of saying thank you for always being there when you need your pup the most.

Cuddle or Play Session

Dog Quality TimeThe best gift you can give your dog is your undivided attention.  Turn off digital devices for an hour and spend that time entirely with your pet.  Play a fun game such as “hide and go treat” where you hide high-value rewards throughout the house for your dog to find.  Or, spend an extra-long duration of time rubbing that favorite spot on your dog’s belly. Use this time to make your dog feel as special as he or she truly is.




How are you planning on spending Valentines Day with your dog? Let us know!