If your pet is going to be part of your special day, he or she should look the part. Here you will find our top picks for canine wedding wear.

Male Dogs

For your male dog, he can be dressed to the nines in a full tuxedo to match the groom, or have a more casual approach with an elegant bandana or an occasion-specific leash and collar.


Nothing says wedding quite like a tuxedo. If your pet will tolerate it, a tux is the simplest way to elevate your dog’s style on your big day!

Stretch Tuxedo, $68 CAD

The stretch tuxedo is the perfect option for a dog with a deep chest, or any animal that requires a little extra room. Made from stretch-cotton with black satin accents, this one-piece tuxedo is sure to wow your wedding guests. Sizes range from XS to L. For small dogs with more traditional sizing, the Tails Tuxedo ($70 CAD, XS and S only) is also available. Both items are available for purchase online from Barking Babies, which is located in Vancouver.

dog tuxedo

Bow Tie

An easy way to make your male dog look chic without the threat of discomfort is a simple bow tie. There are many options available. If your dog is serving as a groomsman, he can can wear a bow tie that matches the groom. If he is the bride’s dog, an elegant bow tie that matches her bridesmaids dresses is a good option.

Slate Linen Dog Bow Tie, $16.00 CAD

This linen bow tie (which also has the option of a matching collar) is perfect for your special occasion. With sizes available in 3’’, 4’’, and 5’’ widths, the proper size for your dog can be found. Guaranteed to hold its shape, the slate linen bow tie is made to wrap around a collar up to 1.5’’ wide and fastens with velcro. Additional colour options include black, ivory, and robin’s egg blue, among others. These products can be found online at Danes & Divas, a handmade boutique based in British Columbia.
dog bowtiedog wedding collar


Not all dogs are comfortable wearing a full suit or tuxedo, and others may have trouble finding an outfit with the appropriate fit. With a bandana, you can simply attach it to your dog’s collar and allow the material to hang over your dog’s chest for the right look.

TopTie Tuxedo Triangle Scarf, $10.59

The TopTie Tuxedo Scarf gives your dog the appearance of wearing a tux, without the discomfort. This bandana is made from polyester satin and waterproof nylon. Two tie colours are available, red and purple. The neck can be adjusted from 57 – 67 cm, making it perfect for your larger dog. This product is available through Amazon Canada.

dog tux bandana

Female Dogs

Female dogs certainly have more options when it comes to wedding wear. Your pet can wear a dress to match your bridesmaids, or opt for something simpler with jewelry and a bow.


The most common option for dressing up a female dog on the day of a wedding is a dress. This formal attire puts the perfect touch on wedding photos that involve your pup. Whether your dog is a bridesmaid, a flower girl, or simply a guest of honor at your special event, she is sure to garner a lot of attention in her own special outfit.

Rose Dog Dress, $33 CAD

The Rose Dog Dress is made from a silky material that has ruffled sleeves and a rose embellishment. Available in sizes from XS to XL, this is a great option for a variety of pets. Available colours are cream, rose, and black. Other dress options include the Dog Wedding Dress ($23 CAD), Dog Wedding Gown ($20 CAD), Tutu Puppy Dress ($20 CAD), and the Bridesmaid Dog Dress ($20 CAD). The Rose Dog Dress and others are available from Maple Leash, located in Saskatchewan.
dog wedding dress


Jewelry completes any dog’s outfit or can make a beautiful stand-alone statement. There is no better way to dress up your pup than with an elegant strand of pearls.

Pearl Dog Collar, $44.42

BeadieBabiez is an online Etsy boutique located in Canada that sells handmade dog collars. The Pearl Dog Collar is stunning, yet functional. There are three dog collar styles available: buckle, slip, and martingale. Each collar is waterproof and has a tensile strength of 300 lbs. This collar is comfortable for your pet yet indestructible. With multiple styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect collar for your pet.
dog pearl collar

Collar Flower

If your dog is serving as a bridesmaid but is unable to carry her own bouquet, consider a collar flower which attaches to her collar like a bow tie. A bride can find artificial flowers that match the colour of her bridesmaids dresses, the flowers that her bridesmaids are carrying, or a special flower found in the bride’s bouquet. This option is great for a dog that prefers not to wear a full outfit.

Ivory Chiffon Wedding Flower, $18.00 CAD

The ivory chiffon wedding flower is made from pearls, satin, and chiffon and completes your dog’s bridal attire. This flower wraps around a collar up to 1.5’’ wide and attaches with two double-sided velcro tabs. The flower is 2’’ tall and 4’’ wide. Additional colours include ivory floral and white chiffon (both $12.00 CAD). Collar flowers are available from Danes & Divas, located in British Columbia.
ivory chiffon  wedding flower

Hair Bow

If your dog has a top knot or otherwise wears bows in her hair, a wedding is the perfect occasion for purchasing an exceptionally well-made bow.

Dogform is an online boutique based in Canada that sells luxury, hand-made bows. The Specialty Dog Bow Collection ranges $12 – $28 and these beautiful items are made from luxury fabrics with gorgeous adornments such as lace, pearls, gold, and diamonds.
specialty dog bow


Regardless of your pet’s gender, he or she should be walked down the aisle in style. Do not get caught on the day of your wedding with a dirty, dull leash! Danes & Divas has a number of specialty leashes and collars available for your big day, including rhinestone and Swiss dot options ($32 CAD). Don’t forget the matching collar, which will complete your dog’s look.
rhinestone dog leash