What Are The Best Dog Training Books? | Toronto Dog Walking

What are the best dog training books available to help you and your pup? What type of training resource are you looking for? Whether you are looking to do some extra research for training your dog, got a new puppy and need help with potty training, not able to attend obedience classes, need help solving a problem or behavioral issue; whatever the reason we have complied a listing of some of the best dog training books and how each one can help you and your pup. 

Puppy Training – Puppy Training Guide, James J Jackson
This is the ultimate handbook to train your puppy in obedience, potty training, crate training and more. This book will introduce you and your puppy to the very essence of training your puppy. This book will equip you with you with all the tools to motivate your pup! This book is intended to give you a solid foundation to build on before attending puppy classes. 
Behaviour Training – Behaviour Adjustment Training, Grisha Stewart
Behaviour Adjustment Training; also known as BAT is a training method that helps dogs build up their confidence and social skills. BAT is a training method that works on the basis of making your dog feel safe while helping them build up their confidence to ‘triggers’. A ‘trigger’ is used to describe the emotion a dog exhibits while in the presence of the trigger. Emotions shown such as frustration, aggression or fear. BAT works on the basis of organised ‘set ups’ where the dog is working on reducing his emotion when in presence of the trigger. A set up is real life controlled training in a natural environment.
For more information see – www.empoweredanimals.com
Obedience Training – Train Your Dog Positively, Victoria Stilwell
Victoria Stilwell is a world renowned dog trainer who only teaches dogs using force free methods. Victoria in her book provides a toolbox on how to solve everyday training issues such as basic obedience commands, how to walk nicely on a loose leash, house training, excessive barking and more. Build a healthy relationship with your dog using positive reinforcement.
For more information see – positively.com 
Clicker Training – Getting Started – Clicker Training for Dogs , Karen Pryor
Karen Pryor is responsible for the development of clicker training. All of Karen’s training is based on the rational of training should be done is a positive manner, safe and effective way to help shape your dogs behaviour. 
If you are new to clicker training then this is the book for you. You will find a step by step guide on introducing your dog to the clicker. This book will show you the power of positive training whether teaching your new puppy or an adult dog. Clicker training is a great foundation for your dog and will help when teaching more advanced levels of training. 
Tricks – 101 Dog Tricks, Kyra Sundance
Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to help mentally stimulate your dog, create a bond and for dogs who need to ‘work’ it gives your dog an outlet to do so. This book is created with step by step instructions with easy to follow pictures to help you with each trick. All the tricks in the book are rated by how easy or difficult they are. You can learn such tricks as shake hands, roll over, clean up your toys and the best yet fetch me a beer! You and your pup will have endless hours of fun learning these new tricks. A solid foundation in clicker training will help you with some tricks.  
Have you had any success using a training book? We’d love to hear your experience!