What Fruits and Vegetables Can you Give your Dog for Trick or Treat?

Numerous fun activities are planned for pets when celebrating Halloween, such as pet parades, Howl-o-Ween parties, and trick-or-treating. Since dogs cannot have the same candy treats as their human siblings, improvisation is necessary. Listed here are 10 fruits and vegetables that you can hand out to pets on Halloween night.

Apple Slices

Apples are a favorite for dogs thanks to their natural sweetness. Slice apples into bite-sized chunks and toss with lemon juice to keep from browning if not feeding to your pet right away. Avoid apple seeds, as naturally occurring cyanide can be dangerous.

Apple Slices

Baked Sweet Potato

Another sweet treat that is exceptionally healthy for dogs is sweet potato. To prepare, slice the sweet potato and toss in a healthy oil, such as coconut or olive. Bake the slices for 20 – 30 minute at 400oF (200o C). Sprinkle with cinnamon if desired.


Banana Slices

Bananas are high in natural sugars and potassium, and are great as a “sometimes treat” for dogs due to their sweetness. Simply slice the banana into small, coin-sized pieces to give to your pet.

banana slices


This crunchy vegetable is high in vitamin A and fiber, and is another favorite among dogs. Raw carrots provide natural abrasion for cleaning teeth, while cooked carrots may be a better alternative for small dogs or those with poor dentition.

Orange Slices

Another “sometimes treat” that would be perfect for a special occasion like Halloween is an orange. Dogs are unable to digest the orange rind, but an orange that has been peeled and sectioned (with seeds removed) makes a great treat for pets of all sizes. For small dogs, only 1/3 of the orange should be fed in order to avoid upset stomach, while larger dogs can safely eat the entire fruit.

Orange Slices

Cucumber Slices

If your dog is diabetic or overweight, a healthy vegetable that has little sweetness is cucumber. Despite being low in fat and carbohydrates, cucumber slices are packed with vitamins and minerals.



If your pet has “doggy breath,” celery is one vegetable that can neutralize odors. Cut the stalk into bite-sized pieces, and if you would like to get creative, add dollops of peanut butter to make the snack even more appealing.


Pear Slices

Like apples, pears are a sweet treat that are also in high in fiber and loaded with vitamins and minerals, such as copper and Vitamins C and K. Cut the pear in quarters or eighths, making sure to remove the pit and seeds.

Pear Slices


Another sweet fruit that is high in vitamins and minerals is pineapple. Pre-cut chunks are perfect for dogs, especially because they are already in bite-sized pieces. Avoid feeding the outer portion of the pineapple to your pet, as it is indigestible.



Finally, a favorite treat of many dogs is berries, including blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. These nutrient packed fruits contain high levels of antioxidants, which can provide many healthy benefits to pets, especially senior dogs. However, avoid over-feeding berries to your pet, as too much can cause an upset stomach.